Monday, June 23, 2008

Visit With Aunt Vivian

This past weekend was a very busy one. On Saturday, the kids and I went to Grand Bay, Alabama to visit with my Aunt Vivian and Uncle Junior. Aunt Vivian is my dad's sister and she is married to my mom's brother! So her children are my double first cousins. Aunt Vivian did not get to go to our family reunion. My daughter, Amber, was really disappointed. She said Aunt Vivian was the main one she wanted to see. So we just decided to go see her! All three of my kids went with me. We had a great time! True to southern style Aunt Vivian had a big meal cooked when we got there and of course I ate too much! Aunt Vivian is a very talented person. I didn't know until she told me Saturday that she used to make all her and her kids clothes! She also crocheted and quilted. Her hands bother her a lot now and she cannot crochet with small thread anymore. So she asked me if I wanted her crochet thread. I said sure. I figured it would be a few ball of thread. Imagine my surprise when she gave me the heap of thread in the photo below! The photos do not even do justice to the amount of thread it is!I was so excited! Not only was there thread, but there were all kinds of doilys that she had made. Alot of them are not finished and I am going to try to finish some. The only problem is Aunt Vivian crochets left handed and I crochet right handed! I didn't think about this until I got home and was looking at the doilys and was thinking something was strange and then it dawned on me! We had been discussing the fact that she and Amber are both left handed earlier in the day. There are some absolutely beautiful tableclothes that she was working on and I plan to finish some somehow. I did not get to take pictures of them last night as my daughters came into my room and started going through old photographs on my bed. Hopefully I will get some pictures tonight.
Aunt Vivian also gave me this pile of small granny squares. There are not enough for an afghan. I'm thinking of some other projects to make with them! She also gave me all her crochet magazines and a book! I don't know how others are but to me it is like being given gold! My Aunt Vivian is such a sweet lady. I wish we lived closer together so I could see her and my uncle more. Plus several of her kids live close by her and one daughter lives with her. It would be nice to have them all close by. But Grand Bay is 90 miles from me and with the price of gas it is hard to go there often.
Will post more photos of a few other surprises Aunt Vivian gave me tomorrow!


MouseChirpy said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous, well spent day with Aunt Vivian. She sounds like a very sweet woman. I agree that what you have been given is as good as gold. It's too bad about the left/right hand thing going on. If I were in your situation, I'd frog it until I am at the end of a completed row and then start right hand crocheting throughout the rest of the doily. You may need to cut and reattach the thread in a new area depending if it is a square or round doily. Hope it works out for you. Take care.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Such yummy treasures.
I recently flew home from my grnadmother's house with a 70 pound suitcase filled with delights. It sure is fun.