Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Treasures from Aunt Vivian & Sassy

In my last post I told you about all the crochet thread that Aunt Vivian gave me. Now I am going to show you some of the projects that she was working on and hadn't finished that she gave me. First is this gorgeous round blue tablecloth! I am going to try and finish it. Even though she crochets left handed and so her stitches are going in the opposite direction mine will be, I think if I just unravel enough so that I start at a new row and go forward it will work. Here is a gorgeous white tablecloth made by the same pattern as the blue. Aunt Vivian has a retangle table, but she told me that she really wanted a big round table. I have a round table and when I finish these they will look beautiful on it!
This is an oblong tablecloth she gave me. I found the pattern in one of the books she gave me and I believe all it need is the edging crocheted around it and it will be finished!
The next two pictures are piles of doilys she had started and never finished! Most of them are fine like they are and I am just going to block them and use them!

This is a beautiful Christmas doily she was working on. It just needs one row of red edging around it to finish it! I am going to get it finished to use this Christmas.
There were several small doilys like this one in there. I think she may have been going to make more and put them together for a bigger project. I think they will be great for some of the memory projects I make. I already have one in mind with pictures of Aunt Vivian on it and some of her crochet work!
I just loved this crocheted flower she made!
This is a quilt Aunt Vivian gave me that she had been working on. There are 10 squares, so I will make the quilt with 9 of the squares. She has completely hand quilted almost 8 of the squares. She has a little left on one square and then two squares are not quilted at all. I can't wait to finish them and get this quilt put together. I don't have any quilts or any hand work from anyone in my family except some of my mother's embroidery. It means so much to me that my aunt gave me these things.
My aunt's daughter, Sassy, gave me the ribbon and lace below. She does a lot of sewing. She makes a lot of things for her grandkids and some clothes for herself. She also does machine embroidery and hand smocking. She is trying to get me into smocking. That is one thing I have never done and I plan to try it.
Sassy also gave Amber and me the fabric below. Amber loves the bike fabric on the right and plans to use it in a quilt.
I bought this fabric. Don't know what I am going to do with it, but just loved it!
I, also bought this fabric, Saturday. We went to a couple fabric stores and the book store before going to Aunt Vivian's. I have to go to these places while I am there since it is 70 miles to Mobile and we have no fabric stores here.
The next two pictures are of fabric I bought. Don't know what I am going to do with any of it, but I'll add it to my stash and find something to do with it!
Aren't the colors so pretty? The camera does not do them justice! I just love fabric!


MouseChirpy said...

Wow, so many treasures from your Aunt Vivian. My goodness, she sure has a ton of UFO's. I'm sure it makes her happy to know that you'll treasure each and every one of her crochet pieces. She made a wise decision to pass them on to you.
I love your new fabrics. Beautiful patterns and lovely vibrant colors.
I can see that you will be very busy throughout the summer. You have so many new projects to work on. Good Luck!

Colorfuldayz said...

Wow, what wonderful giftees! I love all the doilies ... something about handmade doilies make me thing back to the women that came before. The fabric is great ... the bright batiks in the bottom picture make me drool~