Monday, June 16, 2008

Aunt Doodle's Dolls & Big Daddy and Big Mama's House

The reunion, Saturday, was held at my great aunts church. Then afterwards a lot of us went over to what is called "The Ole House". This is the house where my great grandmother and great grandfather lived with their 7 children. My daddy and some of his siblings lived here for a while when they were little. also. My great Aunt Doodle's house is a beautiful brick house built right beside this one. Her two daughter's have beautiful brick homes on one side of her house and one side of the ole house. My great aunt took care of her father when he was old and sick. Her mother died at the age of 67 of a heart attack and her father lived to the age of 85.
My great Aunt Doodle makes porcelain dolls. Years ago she fixed up the ole house and made it into a porcelain doll studio where she has held classes on making dolls for years. She makes some beautiful dolls and the clothes she sews for these dolls is out of this world! Saturday she told us she was in the process of moving her dolls to her home as her health will not permit her to keep up the ole house. I know I get a lot of my handwork talent from her and her mother.
Below is a picture of my daughter, Amber, standing in front of the chimney at the back of the ole house.And this a Amber in front of an old shed behind the ole house.
This is my great Aunt Doodle with one of her dolls!
This is a bed in one of the rooms of the ole house filled with Aunt Doodle's dolls! There were lots more dolls in the house and I took some other pictures. I will post more later. The old bed in the picture belonged to my great great grandmother. The quilt is one that Aunt Doodle hand cross-stitched and hand quilted. Aunt Doodle also made the tea set on the table at the foot of the bed. I just love going to this ole house and will miss it when there are no longer any dolls in it. It is great to still have a part of my heritage standing.

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