Thursday, June 12, 2008

Memory book of Friend

This is Christina, a fellow quilting friend who just turned 80 years old. She is such a sweet lady. She belongs to a quilt guild in city that is 70 miles from where I live. The town in which I live is so small there are no quilting guilds, quilt shops or even a fabric store. In the guild Christina is a member of she was the door greeter for a few years. Every month she would make each member of the guild a little something and pin it to their blouse as they came through the door. There are about 80 ladies in this guild and so it kept her busy making all these little things, but she loved it. Since I couldn't go to the meetings with her she would always make me one of the treats and bring to me where I work. For a while I kept these all pinned up on my bulletin board but then I decided I needed to do something special with them. So I made this little book with them inside. Of course I put Christina's picture on the front. Isn't that a beautiful azalea bush she is standing in front of?
I put eyelets in all the pages and then threaded these sheer ribbons through them to hold the book together.
I traced Christina's hand and appliqued it on to the back of the book.
Below are the pages with all the little doodads that she has given me on them. On two of the pages are poems that she has given me about friendship. Christina is one of the most dearest ladies I know. It has been such a pleasure having her as my friend. You will never guess how we met! I was working in the fabric department at Wal-Mart almost 9 years ago and she would come in to buy fabric for quilts and such and we just got to talking each time and before long were the best of friends!
As happens a lot the following photos have turned sideways and I don't know how to get them back straight! Hope you can still tell what the pages look like!

Christina has the most energy you have ever seen. She has a sister-in-law who is 90 years old and still quilts up a storm!


Joanna said...

Oh wow that is sooooo wonderful - really, one of the most meaningful things I have seen in a long time. Such a perfect way to display all her doo-dads!

Miss Sandy said...

This is the most special and darling little memory book I have ever seen! How wonderful to have such a friend and all her little handmade treats and poems are icing on the cake of your friendship! You did a beautiful job preserving your memories!

Colorfuldayz said...

That is such an incrediably thoughtful, and beautiful, book! I love seeing what you are up to because it is always unique and wonderful.

Chocolate Cat said...

What a wonderful book of memories of obviously a very special person.