Saturday, June 7, 2008

Memory Embroidery

Check out this cool website! This is an embroidery done by Jenny Hart of Dolly Parton. I just love her work!

I love to do a lot of different kind of embroidery. Not just pre-printed or the normal stuff. I like to do memory things. Like things that represent people or events in my life. On the inside of this book cover is a silly picture of a Road Runner bird that my brother, Keith, had drawn on his binder when he was a senior in high school back in 1970. The first car he had was a Plymouth Road Runner. It was red and he loved that car! I made a copy of the picture he drew and traced it on white cotton fabric to embroidery. I also put my children's names on the inside of the book cover.
On the front I put a butterfly because, as you can probably tell by all my butterfly quilts, I love butterflies. I put my initial and a Red Bird and rose button in tribute to my mother who loved both. The back is just a design that I saw in a book and liked.
I can hardly wait to try embroidering a portrait myself! I think I will do one of my mama first.

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Colorfuldayz said...

This embroidery is so beautiful ... I consider myself lucky to have one of my own from you~