Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amber & Diane

This is a picture that my cousin, Sassy, took of my daughter Amber and me at our family reunion. My daughter has really long hair but she keeps it in a pony tail most of the time. I really like the way Sassy edited this photo. It really makes me look younger! I know you are all looking at the piercing in Amber's nose and saying what is that?! I am sure that a lot of you have seen lots of people with these piercings. However, I live in a very small southern town where this is not the common thing. Imagine our surprise when Amber got home from Lafayette last week and walked in with a nose piercing! I don't really care for it and I think it takes away from her natural beauty but as she reminded me she is 20 years old and can do what she wants. This is true. I just love her and as most parents do I worry about her. We had finally gotten used to the ear thing going on and now have to get used to the nose! She has been stretching the hole in her ear for a couple years now. You know these are just outward things that really don't matter. Inside Amber is a very beautiful and loving person and she is very smart. There are worse things kids could be doing then stretching their ears and piercing their noses. I know Amber will read this as she reads all my blogs. I hope she approves of what I have written. If not she will let me know! My darling hubby is working on putting lamanent floors down in my younger daughters room. He started yesterday but ran out of the flooring and had to drive 70 miles this morning to get more at Lowe's! We live in a very small house and my father lives with us. So all of Tara's bedroom furniture has been sitting out in our carport since yesterday! There is lots of her things all over our den! I feel like our house is totally topsy turvy! My hubby should be finished with the floor before I get off work and hopefully all Tara's stuff will also be back in her room by then!

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