Saturday, June 7, 2008

More Cats!

Yesterday was a busy day at work. Was glad when it was over! When I got home I worked on my family tree stuff. We are having a family reunion one week from today on my fathers side of the family. I wanted to get all my stuff I had put into this program on my computer printed out and put in a notebook. Well, I ran out of paper during the printing process and had to run to Wal-Mart for more. There must be about 400 pages! I have been doing research on my dads side of the family as well as my mamas for a few years now. Sometimes it can be a really slow go. It seems like you get only so far and can't go any further! I know my ancestors came from France. There are Dumas' all over the place here in Alabama who can trace their line back to this one Dumas who came over from France. I know we have to be descended from this one man, but I have not been able to track my line all the way back! It would be helpful if I could go to North Carolina and do some research, but this is impossible right now. I do most of my research online. I've gotten as far back as my great great great great grandfather, but cannot get any further back! It is so frustrating! Well, I've shown you our other two cats already on this blog so I couldn't go without showing you the third and youngest. This is Molly. I couldn't ever seem to get a good picture of her as she is always on the go! And every time I would take a picture her eyes would close. But somehow Daughter T got a couple good shots of her. She said I just didn't know how to do it right! You know 17 year old daughters are so much smarter than their moms!
Molly looks like a tiger in the bush here!
This is another picture of Daughter A's cat, Apollo. I told you all about him in one of my earlier post. Daughter T took this picture also. She thought he looked so cute sitting in this box and he does! Cats always love to get into things!

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