Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tomatoes on Tuesday Morning

What a beautiful Tuesday morning! The sun is shining and the sky is such a beautiful blue here in Southern Alabama! I know my hubby is glad that his tomato plants are getting all this nice sunshine. I had to take some pictures of the first tomatoes on the vine and put on my blog. He is so proud of them! There were only a few when I took these pictures, but lots of blooms so there will be lots more tomatoes. Nothing is as good as homegrown tomatoes! I love them on two pieces of toasted bread with mayonnaise and salt. Something my mama taught me when I was young. My mama loved tomatoes! She would eat them all the time when she could get the homegrown ones.
Here are some of the lovely blooms.
And here are the plants themselves. He planted them in this big tub so he could move them wherever he wanted in the yard.
I am going to go get my hair cut tomorrow after work. I can hardly wait! It has gotten so long and I had it permed several months ago and the perm has gotten to the stage that it wants to just be frizzy! I just need to get it cut out!
I've still been working on my piece of embroidery. I still haven't decided what to do with it. I'll try to get some pictures of it up here tomorrow.
You know, kids think they are so grown up and independent when they go off to college, but when tragedy strikes it's mama they come running to! Daughter A emailed me late last night using her room mates computer all upset because the power cord on her laptop broke! She said she needed help!! She needed a new power cord that was cheap! So I called her this morning to tell her to just take it to Best Buy and get one. But she had already been on eBay and decided to get one from there. They can solve things on their own!! They just don't realize it at first!
Hope you all have a great and blessed day,


corry said...

Thanks Diane for visiting my blog! I like your photos...the tomato plant looks great. We had once tomato plants but they didn't grow so big. Now I'm buying them in the store of market!
I'll be back to visit and read some more.

Joanna said...

I planted tomatoes in my new lasagne garden - I hope mine turn out as great as yours!!! And on toast with mayo and salt mmmmmm I think I am in love with that idea - I will have to try it!