Monday, June 16, 2008

Family Reunion

This weekend was really great! We had a family reunion on Saturday for my daddy's side of the family. Below is a group shot of my grandfather's line. There were 7 siblings in my grandfather's family. There were people at the reunion representing 5 of these siblings My grandfather was the oldest sibling. Although, he had 6 kids himself not too many from his line came. Only one of his children has died and of the 5 still alive 4 of them were there. But there kids all live distances away and have jobs and such that prevented them from coming. We had a great time with the ones who did come. One of my grandfather's siblings died right after WWII at a very young age and had never married. There were close to 100 people there. As I said this photo is only some of my grandfather's children and there children and grandchildren. We did group photos of each of my grandfather's siblings lines. I hope this makes sense. I only posted my line. It is not a really clear picture as the battery was getting low in my camera. I've got to get a different camera!
This is my father, Benny, and his siblings that were there. Starting on the left is, Benny(age 76) (real name George), Aunt Jackie(age 58), Uncle Goat(age 72) (real name Jerrold), Uncle Junior(age 77) (real name Ivy). My aunt is by my grandfather's second marriage so she is a good bit younger than the three guys. Notice my dad's Jacket?! It was in the 90's outside, but he wears that jacket constantly! Makes me hot just looking at him!
This is my great Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Doodle (real name Annie Lou). She is the only one of my grandfather's siblings still alive. She is 17 years younger than my grandfather and 9 days older than my grandfather's oldest son! This past Saturday was also Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Doodle's 60Th wedding anniversary! There daughter, Peggy, is the one who set this whole reunion up! She worked long and hard on it! Isn't my aunt's hair beautiful? It is snow white. It looks even whiter in real life. Her father had the same white hair and so do my dad and uncle. I hope mine is that beautiful when I get that age.
Do you notice a pattern in the above writing with everybody's names that I have mentioned?! I don't know what it was about the 30's and 40's but everybody had nicknames! I did not even know what my Aunt Doodle's real name was till I was grown! Same thing with another of my dad's sisters (not pictured) from his mother's first marriage. In case you didn't catch that my grandmother was a widow with 4 kids when she married my grandfather who was 17 at the time! My dad still loves to give people nicknames! Crazy, huh?!
So anyway, it was a terrific reunion! Got to meet lots of Dumas' I had never met before! And found out lots of information for my family tree research!

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