Thursday, August 9, 2012

College, Family Music, Embroidery

My baby boy Keith left for college this past weekend.  He will have band camp for two weeks and then his classes will start the next week.  He took a lot of his stuff with him this past weekend and will be coming home for the rest this coming weekend.  I miss him already! 
This is a picture of Keith's best friend, Phillip, and Keith right before they left for college.  They have been best friends since 1st grade and will be roommates in college. 
Recently I got out my Daddy's old reel to reel recorder/player.  We have lots of tapes that have his and his brother's music on it and one special tape that my brother, George, recorded.  George died in 1967.  So it is great that we still have this tape.  The old reel to reel was not working, but I worked on it and got it to working.  It is only 40 years old!  It was fantastic to hear some of these old tapes.  I am working on getting a device to plug into it so I can record the reels to CD and share them with my family.  While working on this I did a search on the Internet on Tommy Spurlin (that's my uncle).  Back in the 50's my Daddy and Uncle's had a group called the Southern Boys.  They were known as Tommy Spurlin & The Southern Boys.  I found a web site that had a lot of information about them on it but only one picture of my Uncle and it was not even him!  What a hoot!  So I contacted the person who did the website and sent him pictures to put on the site.  Here is a link to it if you would like to see:
Some of the information is not correct.  The part about my uncle being sacked by the band and my Daddy assuming his identity.  I have contacted the man again about correcting this and he has assured me he will as soon as he gets back from his vacation.  It has been fun looking at all this old stuff and discussing it all with my Daddy.  I took a couple cassettes of their music up to the nursing home and played them for Daddy.  He was so happy to hear himself and his brothers singing and playing again!

Below is a picture that my Daddy drew in the 50's to promote their songs.  I recently found it and it was in very poor condition.  I had it laminated to protect it.  I could not scan the whole thing at once on my scanner as it is too large so I did it in two pieces.

Here is a picture of my daddy and The Southern Boys:
That's my Daddy on the left in the white hat and playing the mandolin.  Uncle Tommy Spurlin is at the mic.  Uncle Goat (Jerry) Dumas is kinda behind Uncle Tom.  Uncle Junior (Ivy) Dumas is on the far right playing the guitar.  On most of their records my Daddy is playing the bass fiddle.  I don't know who the man is that is sitting close to Daddy playing the steel guitar.  It might be Bill Johnson as he played some with them.

I have still been working on some of my journal pages and  embroidering some other pieces that I hope to put together to make a purse.
Here are a few things I have made recently:
First is a journal page of my Daddy's hand and his picture.  I worked on this a good bit while sitting with him at the nursing home and he loved it!

The flip side of this page is a copy of a doodle picture my brother, Keith, drew when he was in high school over 40 years ago.  I traced it onto fabric and embroidered it.  If he were still alive he would love it!
Below are a few pieces I have done that I plan to make into a purse.  Just have to decide how! hahaha

Tara's silhouette (when she was young)

Keith's silhouette  (when he was young)

Amber's silhouette  (when she was young)

Cupcake ATC I made for a swap.

Hodge podge piece I made.

For a larger journal.

Emblem off of my brother's (Keith) car.  I have had it for years and finally decided to embroidery around it.  Don't know what I am going to do with it now.