Monday, September 28, 2009


It is so strange how I go through these phases. Sometimes I will be in a fabric mode and make lots of quilts and other little things out of fabric and want to buy lots of fabric. Then other times I might be in an embroidery mood and want to do nothing but embroidery. Right now is my crochet mood. I have been crocheting for several months now. Whenever I go anywhere I am always wanting to look at the crochet thread and yarn. Fabric holds no interest for me right now. Isn't that odd?! Maybe I am just odd. Before you know it I will be in a mood to do something else and put down the crochet for a while.

I have really been enjoying the crochet, though. I have found some blogs where the ladies do gorgeous crochet! They are not American and although some of them I can translate the language on it is still hard to understand some of what they say or the patterns they post. But I have been able to look at the pictures of some things and figure out what different words in the pattern mean.

Here is a picture of the latest pair of booties I have crocheted.
This is a sachet that I got off one of the blogs I was telling you about. I just love it!
Here's a side picture of the sachet.
This is a little bracelet I made using purple and gold, our school colors here.
I am going to put some crocheted flowers on this bracelet.
This is a coaster.
Not really sure what this is. I think it kinda looks like leaves and will probably put a crochet flower in the middle of it.
This is a rose I crocheted out of size 20 thread. I just love the size it turned out.
This is a purple rose I crocheted out of size 10 thread. The color in the picture is not it's true color. The picture does not do it justice.
And here is a little loopy daisy.
I have lots more crocheted flowers and I need to take group pictures of them and post them.

Right now I am crocheting on a baby hat, booties, and sweater that a lady ordered. I hope to finish it this week.

Everything else here is going good. My son's football team has won every game they have played so far. They have played 5 games. Last Friday was the big game against our rivals across the river. Every year it is a big event. The stands were packed and it was so hot I was about to melt! We were so excited we won. It was the first time we have beat them in four years. We have a new coach this year and he has really done a lot with the team. I am not a football person at all. I am not a sports person at all. But I have enjoyed going to these games and am finally learning some about football. I still don't understand the downs thing. My husband has tried to explain it to me, but it just doesn't make sense. At least I have learned how to tell which team has the ball!

I sang in church again yesterday. I was more nervous this time then the last time. I think it is because my husband was there. Last time he was not there. This song also had more low notes and since I am high soprano and my mouth was really dry I kinda had a problem with that. Still after church everyone came up and told me how beautiful I sang. It sure made me feel good. But I sing for the glory of God and I know to Him it is perfect no matter how bad I think it is.

It is another Monday morning and I feel so sleepy. I could have just stayed in the bed. But, alas, I have to get my son to school and go to work. Ugh! I hope you all have a great day and week!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday Morning! I did not want to get out of bed this morning, but once I did I am up and ready to go. Things here have been pretty much the same. I know I lead such a dull life compared to most bloggers. I just take care of kids, go to work, take care of the house, take care of my dad, go to church, and do handwork, of course. As I've said before I have been crocheting a lot lately. I'm making baby booties and such to sell in our annual fall craft show. Below are a few pair of booties I have finished recently.
This one is a Christmas T-Strap:
This one is just a plain white one that will work for either a boy or girl:
These are done in antique white:
These are some of my favorites! Christmas booties:
This is actually made from a 1946 pot holder pattern. But I decided not to make it into a pot holder. I just use it as a doily on my dresser.
Remember a while back I put this picture of my great uncle, James Frank Dumas, on my blog? I have been trying forever it seems to get his military records and find out exactly what happened to him. He lungs got messed up in the Navy and he died just 8 months after being discharged from the Navy. He was only 23 when he died. Well, I finally got his records. They did not tell me what happened to him, but at least they tell me what ships he was on. I am sending off to get his medical records now. I don't know if I will be able to get them as they say most medical records over 50 years old no longer exist. And it has been over 60 years since he got out of the Navy.
I went up to visit my great Aunt Doodle (his sister) yesterday and take her a copy of the records. She enlightened me a little more about him. In his records it shows where he was put into the hospital twice not long after joining the Navy. This was a puzzle. The length of the hospital stays were pretty long. Well, when I told my aunt she told me that he had gotten the mumps and chicken pox not long after joining the Navy. So that explains those hospital stays. I am determined to find out exactly what happened to him in the Navy to cause the damage to his lungs. I just need to find out more information about the ships he was on. If anyone knows how I can find out information about the Merchant ships that the Armed Guards were on please let me know.

Has anyone ever gotten an email from this site, wanting to pay you to do review of different websites on your blog? I got one today and just don't know whether they are legitimate or not.

I am off to get my stuff together to leave and take my son to school and then go to work. Hope you all have a great Day!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Football, Football, Football & Baby Booties, of course!

I uploaded these pictures on Saturday, but never got around to making a post with them. Below is a picture of my handsome son. How do you all like his Mohawk? Crazy, ain't it?! He called me from football practice almost two weeks ago and asked me if he could have a Mohawk. He said several of the football players were doing it, so I said OK. One of the coaches cut it. It's just a football thing and will be gone before long.
So far I have been to all of Keith's football games. Hubby hasn't gotten to go to them all because of work. Last Friday night we drove about an hour and a half to sit in the rain for nearly three hours to watch the game and Keith never even got to play! This is Keith's first year and so he does not get to play a whole lot. Monday afternoon when I picked him up from practice he informed me that he had a football game on Tuesday night. He told me that he will be playing on the Junior Varsity team as well as the Varsity team. So we had to go to the game last night. The good thing about Junior Varsity is they don't play as long of a game and Keith got to play more since it is younger kids on there. We were happy about that and he did really well. Of course he was happy about that, too! Keith is a good size for a football player at 6'1" and 195 pounds. He will get better as he goes and get to play more at the Varsity games. He weight 220 pounds when he started football this past spring. He has really trimmed up and looks good!

Tara is in college now and doing good. She came home yesterday for a dentist appointment and so we got to see her for a little while. It was nice. I sure miss my baby girl!

I have still been crocheting baby booties. Below is my latest pair. What do you think of them? I have a little crocheted wreath pin that I wear at Christmas. I made it several years ago. One day I was sitting here thinking that a pair of booties with tiny wreaths on them would be so cute. I think they really turned out nice. Every year our town has a Fall Festival on the first Saturday in November. My friend usually has a booth in it. I asked her if she wanted to share a booth this year and slit the cost and she said yes. So that is what we are doing. I have been working like mad to get booties and other things crocheted. I also have my booties in my ETSY Store. So check them out!
Other then football and crocheting and work not much else is going on. I'm hoping to get my computer looked at here shortly. It has been really slow and acting really weird. It also keeps uninstalling my printer, which makes me insane when I want to print something and my printer is not there! I sure hope this guy can do something with it! I've only had it 7 months!

Well, I am off to take Keith to school and go to work! Have a great and blessed day everyone!