Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday Morning! I did not want to get out of bed this morning, but once I did I am up and ready to go. Things here have been pretty much the same. I know I lead such a dull life compared to most bloggers. I just take care of kids, go to work, take care of the house, take care of my dad, go to church, and do handwork, of course. As I've said before I have been crocheting a lot lately. I'm making baby booties and such to sell in our annual fall craft show. Below are a few pair of booties I have finished recently.
This one is a Christmas T-Strap:
This one is just a plain white one that will work for either a boy or girl:
These are done in antique white:
These are some of my favorites! Christmas booties:
This is actually made from a 1946 pot holder pattern. But I decided not to make it into a pot holder. I just use it as a doily on my dresser.
Remember a while back I put this picture of my great uncle, James Frank Dumas, on my blog? I have been trying forever it seems to get his military records and find out exactly what happened to him. He lungs got messed up in the Navy and he died just 8 months after being discharged from the Navy. He was only 23 when he died. Well, I finally got his records. They did not tell me what happened to him, but at least they tell me what ships he was on. I am sending off to get his medical records now. I don't know if I will be able to get them as they say most medical records over 50 years old no longer exist. And it has been over 60 years since he got out of the Navy.
I went up to visit my great Aunt Doodle (his sister) yesterday and take her a copy of the records. She enlightened me a little more about him. In his records it shows where he was put into the hospital twice not long after joining the Navy. This was a puzzle. The length of the hospital stays were pretty long. Well, when I told my aunt she told me that he had gotten the mumps and chicken pox not long after joining the Navy. So that explains those hospital stays. I am determined to find out exactly what happened to him in the Navy to cause the damage to his lungs. I just need to find out more information about the ships he was on. If anyone knows how I can find out information about the Merchant ships that the Armed Guards were on please let me know.

Has anyone ever gotten an email from this site, wanting to pay you to do review of different websites on your blog? I got one today and just don't know whether they are legitimate or not.

I am off to get my stuff together to leave and take my son to school and then go to work. Hope you all have a great Day!!!


Needled Mom said...

You do such beautiful work, Diane. I like each pair of them, but especially the white ones.

It would be interesting to know the cause of death. I wonder if they would even know the real cause with the medical technology back then.

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Hi Diane! I just received the Seoblog chain email in my mailbox this morning. I did a pretty intensive web search on it and it appears to be a marketing scam as far as I can tell. The letters are sent with so many different names, the forms are far too simple to be professional and an awful lot of people are saying they had a bad feeling and most were never paid anything and the few who said they were, it was $10 one or two times, tops. Most likely we are just being used as a way to click on links and post comments about the group or the advertisers. Many of these are simply for the blog itself...Seoblog's own benefit in spreading the word. I'm not only passing on the offer but doing a post on it soon where I point out the scam factors that I discovered!

em's scrapbag said...

What adorable booties! Hope you do well at your craft show.

River Glorious said...

You might want to find out about that company, if indeed it is one, here. Or, you could ask around at

if you have a Yahoo ID, you can ask a question there and people will respond.