Thursday, June 5, 2008

The week is almost over!

I'm so glad it is Thursday! Only one more day left in this work week after today! Yesterday after work I went and got my hair cut. Really didn't get much cut off just the dead ends cut off and it shaped up. But it feels better. It is amazing how a haircut can make you feel so much better. After I got home my kids and I went to church. The men of the church had cooked hot dogs and hamburgers and so we had supper at church. I love suppers at church. You don't have to cook and it's a great time for fellowship. Hubby couldn't go as he was working. This gardenia bush is in my neighbors yard but as you can see it hangs over the fence into my yard. As soon as I walk out my door I can smell the sweet smell of the gardenias. I love them!
My mama used to love them, too. A lot of times when my daddy would go outside to get something he would pick her a few and bring back in. You know, as far back as I can remember my daddy sent my mama flowers for every occasion. He loved to just bring her a single rose lots of times. And when she died he placed a single rose in the coffin with her. It was so touching.
I just wish that the gardenia blossoms lasted longer. They do not last very long at all. Sorry the pictures are so dark. It was very late in the evening when I was outside just walking around with Daughter T and taking pictures.

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