Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Morning again

Monday mornings seem to come all too soon! Then it is back to work! Yesterday was a full day. First the kids and I went to church (Hubby was at work) , then I had to go to the baby shower for Bridget in the afternoon. What a shower! I counted 40 ladies there. Could have been more. You get that many women in a small room and you have a lot of noise! It was really nice and the food was really good! Bridget got lots of fantastic stuff for her new baby! He is due to arrive in 3 weeks. I know she will be glad! When I got home from the shower I didn't do much other than work on some embroidery. Are these hydrangeas not beautiful?! This bush is right outside my bedroom and it is still getting more blooms on it. It started out as a small plant that my niece gave to my mother a few years ago. It was pink at the time she gave it to mama. But mama told me that the soil will change the color. Now it is a beautiful purple!
I have always loved hydrangeas.
When I was young we had a huge blue hydrangea bush. What was really something was when I walked into the sanctuary of our church yesterday morning there was a big bouquet of hydrangeas on the communion table. They were purple and blue. So beautiful!
Daughter A called me after she got off work Saturday night. She works in a small deli close to campus where she goes to college in Louisiana. Two people had came in and tried to scam her. She was very alert and smart and didn't let them. But it upset her something awful. I told her that they saw she was young and it was almost closing and they figured she was an easy target! But they didn't expect her to be wise to them! I told her she did just the right thing and I was very proud of her! She is going to report it to the Manager today. It is sad that people try to prey on young people who are only trying to do their jobs!

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