Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday at Last!

I am so glad it is Friday! It has really been a long week. My daughter, Amber, came up to my work and had lunch with me Tuesday and Wednesday which was nice. She went back to Louisiana yesterday and I miss her already. I have been helping with Vacation Bible School at our church and last night as I drove up to my house I saw Amber's red truck was not there. Of course it wouldn't be because she had gone back to Louisiana. But it really made me miss her and just as I was pulling into the drive she called me on my cell phone! Talk about telepathic! She had just gotten off work and she always calls me when she gets off work to tell me goodnight. She knows I go to bed early. I don't know when she will home again.
At least I have my daughter, Tara, at home. This is her last summer before senior year. So it won't be long before she will be heading off to college. I sure am going to miss her, too. She and I love watching Lifetime movies together. Some Saturdays, when her dad is working the day shift, she and I will sit on my bed and watch Lifetime movies all day! It is such good mother, daughter time. My son, Keith, has 4 more years of school. But he is not into the movies I like, of course! I guess we all have to face the fact that our kids grow up and leave home. It just makes you kinda sad. Amber and Tara were going through old photos the other night and I would look at my kids baby pictures and wish they were still little babies and toddlers again! Oh well, we can't turn back time.
Keith went on a church trip to the beach this morning. I just realized they were suppose to bring snacks and drinks so we ran to the store on the way to pick him up some. I was so worried about him not having enough to eat. He said "Mama, calm down. I will be fine. Daddy gave me some money." I looked at all 6 feet of him and said "yes, I know you will be fine. It is just a mother's place to worry. I just want to be sure you have enough to eat." He is 14, 6 foot tall and about 200 pounds. I don't think he would starve. But you know mama's will always worry about their children. And I will worry about him until he is home safe and sound this afternoon!

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