Thursday, June 26, 2008


fMy daughter, Tara, was looking at my blog last night and saw that I do not have a picture of her on here. She told me I needed to put a picture of her on here. So here it is. This is my beautiful daughter, Tara and her prom date, Steven, before they left for the prom in April. Let me explain who Steven is. He is not her boyfriend. He is just a friend. Steven had a crush on Tara forever it seemed like, but she only liked him as a friend. Several months before the prom she agreed to go with him only as friends. Since they made the date and before the prom Steven started going out with another girl. So his girlfriend went to the prom with Steven's best friend who is also a friend of Tara's! Sounds confusing, doesn't it! Also at the time of the prom Tara had a boyfriend who lived in another state!
I think Tara is a very beautiful girl. Not only on the outside but the inside also. She is such a sweet, compassionate girl. She will be a senior this year and after she graduates she plans to go to college to be a Special Education teacher. She worked with the mentally challanged kids at her school last fall every day during her 4th period class and really loved it. Those kids loved her. They still run up to give her hugs if they see her on the school campus. I really think she will a great teacher for these kids with the kind and compassionate heart she has. I love you, Tara! You're gonna be a great teacher!


MouseChirpy said...

Your daughter's a beautiful girl. Best wishes to her as she persues her dream to be a Special Ed teacher.

Colorfuldayz said...

Tara and her dress are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

aww mama that's so sweet i love you