Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Lotus Flower Pincushion

Do y'all remember the Pink Lotus Flower pincushion I made back in August? Well, a friend of mine saw it and really wanted one like it. So I made her one but decided to use different fabrics. I also put a small piece of felt in each petal to make them stand out better than the ones on my pink one. I think it turned out quite lovely. I just gave it to her a couple days ago and she loved it. She is a quilter and makes some lovely quilts. Her piecing is excellent!
Here is a picture of the pincushion before I put the wrist band on it.

Here is a picture of it showing the band for the wrist. These next two photos are kind of dark. I guess it was because the pincushion was on a dark surface.


Amber said...

I really like that. I think it would also look cool to make one that is vibrant colors as opposed to the pastels you used.

Anonymous said...

You do such beautiful work. Just found you via Quill Cottage blog and have enjoyed looking at your past posts.

Ginger said...

What wonderful pony tail holders loved them! Wonderful blog! Enjoyed it very much thank you for sharing it with us all.
hugs ginger

Ginger said...

Yup am back you know why?
Go to my blog, I tagged you!
Hugs ginger