Monday, October 20, 2008

The Greeks are here!

My children's school was having homecoming last week. Every day they had to dress in something different. Every year I think they choose the same thing. Each grade dresses differently. Friday was Greek day and they had to wear togas and ivy wreaths on their heads. This is my daughter, Tara, and her best friend, Tiffanie in their togas. Of course they have to wear a t-shirt under them and pants. Tara had downloaded these pictures on her camera and I just busted out laughing when I saw their ivy wreaths! Tara's dad had taken her to the store to get the sheet for the toga and the ivy. I guess they didn't think to get ivy that had small leaves! And Tiffanie looks like she has leaves growing out of her head!

Here is a picture of Tiffanie, Tara, and their friend Abby. Abby's ivy looks much better then the other two, but her toga looks more like an angels outfit! These three girls are a scream! I like to think of them as the three musketeers! We have about a zillion pictures on our computer of the three of them together and most are taken at school! Makes me wonder if they are doing any actual school work there!
Here is a picture of my children, Keith and Tara. Keith's grade had to wear shirts and ties. He needed a tie that was either purple or gold. Tara took him to Wal-Mart to find a tie and long-sleeved button down shirt. He called me and told me there were no purple ties, only gold ones with gold crosses on them. I told him that would work! Let's show some Christianity in the schools! They took prayer out and that was horrible but they can't stop my son from wearing a tie that represents Christianity! Boy does he need a haircut or what?! I keep telling him I am going to take him to the barber and he keeps telling me no! He wound up not wearing the long-sleeved button down shirt Friday as it was so hot and humid. I told him just to wear his white school shirt with the tie. Of course I meant for him to wear the tie under the collar! He left out the door with the tie in his hand. I guess he tied it in the car on the way to school.
Hubby was working days this past weekend and so I took the opportunity to sew! It was just about noon by the time I got everything done on Saturday and sat down to sew. Then I sewed on Sunday from the time I got home from Church till hubby came in at 6pm. I got quite a lot done on the quilt I am making. I can't show you any pictures as the quilt is for my daughter, Amber. She knows I am making the quilt, but I do not want her to know what it looks like till I am finished with it.
The weather here has been so nice all weekend. I left the windows up in my bedroom while I was gone grocery shopping Saturday morning and when I came home my father informed me that he had shut them. I told him not to bother my windows again. So I went and reopened them. It was so nice to sew in there all day with the windows open. So Sunday morning I opened the windows again and this time I locked the doors to my room before leaving for church. When I came home from church my dad told me I tried to outfox him by locking my doors, but that he wasn't going to shut my windows! Now the fact that he knew my doors were locked tells me he tried to go into our room! He is a hoot! I told him he did not need to be going into our room!
I just love this cool weather. This morning is was colder than it was Saturday or Sunday. It was 45 degrees when I got up at 6:30am! Fantastic!


Ambo said...

It was not greek day. It was spirit day and tradition is that seniors wear togas. I did it and now Tara did it and in a few years our "little" brother will do it.

Miss Sandy said...

Good morning Miss Crafty, please stop by my place, I have a treat for you today!