Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My baby turns 21 today! My oldest baby that is. It is hard to believe that this sweet little baby is all grown up. Well, she thinks she is all grown up! Here is a picture of Amber when she was 2 days old. We were on our way home from the hospital and had stopped at my parent's house for a few minutes. I had always wanted a sweet little baby girl and had prayed for years that the Lord would bless me with one. When I found out I was pregnant I knew I was going to have a girl. No ultra sound had to tell me that! I made all kinds of little girl things and sure enough Amber was born!
Here she is at 4 months old. I made the dress and the blanket. My hubby's cousin gave Amber the little shoes with heart balloons painted on the bottom. They also had her name painted on the back of them. Amber was such a sweet little baby. Always laughing and smiling.
Here she is at 6 months old (her first Easter) being held by my Mama. My parents only other grandchild at the time was my niece who was 16 years old at this time. My Mama and Daddy spoiled Amber rotten!
Here she is playing in the snow in Alaska. She was two years old here. She loved to go out with her bucket and shovel and bring a bucket of snow back in to play with using her tea set! We couldn't stay out long at 65 degrees below zero!
Here is my beauty in a lovely, lacy dress I made for her! I had to include this one as Amber definitely does not like lacy dresses today! I used to love to make her lacy dresses and dress her up!
Here she is in her Senior Portrait!
Here she is going to the prom. She doesn't like to wear makeup but she did for the prom. Doesn't she look beautiful?!
Here is Amber and me and her cat Apollo. This was taken almost two years ago.
Here is my sweetie with her cat, Apollo, last Christmas! These past 21 years have really flew by. Seems like only yesterday she was born and then going off to her first day of Kindergarten and then graduating from high school and now she is in her 3rd year of college!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER!!! I love you so much and am so proud of you!