Monday, October 6, 2008

What a weekend!

We had a really busy and fun weekend. First of all, my daughter, Amber, rode home with her uncle on Friday. He is my hubby's twin and was coming this way and since she was out of school on Thursday and Friday she rode with him home. We were so happy to see her. She hasn't been home since June. Every time she is at home she wants to go to yard sales. There never seems to be any yard sales when she is here, though. But this week there were a lot listed in the paper. So she and I got up early Saturday morning and went yard selling! It was a blast. Here is a picture of Amber at one of the many yard sales we went to.
These are the two who were holding the yard sale. They are very dear friends of mine, Ray & Brenda. I graduated high school with both of them. They were high school sweet hearts. You could not find two sweeter, kinder people on earth. They had several cell phones for sell. I was able to purchase one for my daughter, Tara, for only $5.00! It was in excellent condition and had everything to go with it. I think Ray gave me such a good price cause we are such good friends! Thank you Ray! Then Brenda, sweet thing, gave me a box full of glasses that I was admiring! These two have been so good to me over the years! They are the kind of friends who I could call at any time day or night and they would be there to help me in anyway they can. I just love them!
Amber's birthday is later this month so since she was home we decided to go ahead and celebrate her birthday. She will be turning 21! How hard is that to believe?! Time just flies! Notice how long her hair is! She hasn't cut it since high school, other than to have it trimmed, that is. I am a firm believer in keeping your hair trimmed. I can't stand to see really long hair that looks all scraggly on the ends cause the person never kept it trimmed. It looks much nicer trimmed neat and straight.
Here she is blowing out the candles. She did not want a regular birthday cake. She wanted me to make her a Coca-Cola Cake. So that is what I did!
Here are my three beautiful children! Tara, Keith, and Amber. It is definitely time for Keith to get a haircut! Can you believe he is only 14?
Here they were acting silly! The one in the middle looking all sweet and pretty is Rheanna, my niece. She is 15 and was born exactly 9 months before Keith. Hubby took several more pictures of the kids acting silly and Keith reminds me of my brother, Freddy, in them when he was that age. Keith is tall and built like Freddy and I think he looks a lot like him.
Here is Amber and my dad. My dad's birthday is only two days before Amber's and for years they have celebrated their birthday's together. He will be 77 this year. We are gonna celebrate his birthday on his actual birthday since we celebrated Amber's early. But she always likes to take a picture with him around their birthdays! How they have both changed over the years!
Saturday afternoon I also went to a bridal shower at my church. I took along a quilt top I had made, the batting and the backing. After the shower, my pastor's wife, Glenda (who makes and hand quilts beautiful quilts), and a couple of my friends, Laurie and Linda, helped me baste my quilt so I can hand quilt it. We had the best time! We have decided we need to do it more often! I have not posted any pictures of this quilt as it is a surprise for someone very dear to me and I don't want them to know anything about it! After I get it finished and give it to them I will post lots of pictures of it.

By Saturday night I was exhausted. I had to do laundry in there, also! I'm afraid I feel asleep pretty early.

Sadly, Amber had to leave early Sunday morning. We already miss her. She will be home Christmas for a week or two. That will be so nice! She and I really love doing things together.


Jacquelynne said...

My daughter was home this weekend, too- such a treat! A daughter is truly a jewel and a joy! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Wow, it is my dream to have my children want to go to yardsales. I still am at the bribing stage with both of them.