Monday, October 6, 2008

Children's pajamas

My friend, Linda Jackson, makes the cutest kids pajamas! Below is a pair in purple with our school logo on it. Our colors are purple and gold. Our school started out many, many, years ago as an agricultural school. So we are called The Aggies. The school mascot is Jake the Farmer. Now when I was young and went to school we didn't have a school mascot that I know of. But now they have Jake the Farmer. One year one of my daughter's friends was Jake the farmer and she had to wear this costume with this big head of a farmer! What a hoot! Below is a picture of a pair of Linda's pajamas. Please excuse the poor quality of the photos. The lighting was not good at work and so the colors look much lighter in the following pictures than they really are.
Here is a close-up of the school logo.
This is a pair of pajamas in our rivals colors and logo. I told you about them in a previous post. They are just over the river and are called The Leroy Bears. Leroy and Jackson have been rivals forever, I guess. Their colors are black and gold.
Here is a close-up of Leroy's school logo. Actually, when my girls were very little they went to Leroy school as we lived in the county it is located in back then. But they have gone to Jackson the longest and of course Amber graduated from JHS and Tara will graduate from JHS in May. How time does fly!
If anyone would like a pair of pajamas for their child let me know I will be glad to pass it along to Linda. She can do any school as long as she knows the colors and the mascot. She doesn't have a blog. She doesn't know very much about the Internet at all or her new laptop she just got. But I am teaching her! lol! I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing!

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Amy said...

Hi! I am looking for PJ bottoms (pants only) for my little sister's Christmas gift. She loves our local college team, the Univ of WA Huskies. So I'd need the colors to be a purple & gold (or tan) with the logo (dog head) or paw print on it. A purple plaid flannel fabric would be ideal...She's about a girls size 10 and VERY slender so the waist will need to be elastic or have a draw string. Could you give your friend this info & let me know what the price will be? Thanks! Amy

To see a sample of the logo, here's a link you can copy & paste into a web browser: