Sunday, October 12, 2008

Recipes & Goldenrods

It seems like forever since I have even looked at my blog! I know it hasn't really been that long. Only about a week. I talked about the cook book our church is putting together and that I have been helping type up the recipes for in an earlier post. Well, I think we have finally finished typing them! I have typed over 300, myself and emailed them to the publisher. Below is a picture of just a small portion of the recipes as they looked when the ladies gave them to us! The red checks on them is my method of knowing which ones I have typed and which ones I have not.
Even though typing them has been a lot of work, it has been fun. The lady heading up the cook book project is the same lady I have posted about before. She is our church pianist and she is so sweet and funny! She keeps me laughing! This has been a fun project!

Below is field of Goldenrods that I discovered right up the street from where I live. Goldenrods are beautiful. They only bloom at this time of year. When I was a little girl I used to pick them for my Mama. She told me years later that they were very hard on her sinus, but she would always put them in a vase of water so as not to hurt my feelings! I always think of her whenever I see them.

Here is a close-up of a couple of plants in front of my neighbors fence.
I also saw this plant not far from my house. It makes me think of visiting my grandmother as a child. The people across the street from her had one of these plants in their yard and I always thought it was the neatest plant. I don't know what the name of it is.
Isn't it something how so many things remind us of our childhoods. I guess with me it is that I am older and I still miss my Mama a lot. She has been gone now for 3 years, but that really is not long at all.

I have finally started quilting on the quilt I mentioned in an earlier post that my friends helped me baste together. It is coming along nicely. I can't wait to finish it and give it to the person I made it for so I can post pictures of it on here!

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Ivory Spring said...

Hello Diane,

Thank you for visiting! I enjoyed reading your comment.

I'd bet you came across some yummy recipes as you were typing those recipes for the publisher! :)

Lovely plant pictures too - I have never seen goldenrods, but thanks to you, now I have!