Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Festival & I WON!

Every year our little town has a Fall Festival. There are craft vendors, food vendors, antique cars, lumberjack contest, and singing. Years ago it was called the Arts & Crafts Show and it mostly consisted of craft and handmade items booths. I have had a booth in it a few times, but never seem to do well. It seems more people look then buy. When it was the Arts & Crafts Show it was held by the ladies of the local Arts & Crafts society. Now it is held by the city and so is much different. I went this year because my daughter, Tara, was singing with her group from school.
This is a picture of the booths going in one direction on the street.

Here are a few booths going in the other direction. This end is where it started and it wound all the way through town past the school. Which is about 5 blocks. The two blocks in front of the school is where they had the antique cars. I didn't go look at them this year. Nor did I go check out any of the lumberjack competitions. I am not really into that sort of stuff and had to get home after Tara sang so I could go get groceries and do the usual Saturday stuff.
This is in front of our City Hall where a lot of people were standing to see the singers and dancers.
This is a booth were the ladies were selling a lot of old stuff. I got a beautiful crocheted doily there for only $1.00! I forgot to take a picture of it. If you look back several post you will see a doily I got at a yard sale that had crocheted grapes on it. This one looked exactly like it only the bunches of grapes had lots more grapes on it and the colors were more vibrant. I will have to take a picture of it and post it soon.
I saw these cute little ladies all standing in a row and had to take a picture. Sorry the photos are not really good. The sun was so bright and making all my photos really light. I didn't think to change the setting on my camera to outdoors. That might have helped.
Here is a close up of the ladies. They are made of clay pots! Very clever!
This is Frances the Tupperware lady. I used to sell Tupperware back in my younger days and I just love it! The prices have gotten to be pretty high now, though. I have known Frances since I was a very young child. Her booth was in the middle of town and the buildings are casting shadows.
I was so surprised to run into Cinderella there! I just had to take her picture! She was walking around passing out cards for a photography studio. Cinderella was my all time favorite fairy tale as a child.
Here is Tara and her best friend Tiffanie just before Tara sang. Tiffanie is in a dance group that danced earlier that morning.
Here is Tara's group just before they started to sing. Tara is the second from the left.
Here is Tara singing along with the others.
Here is Tara after she finished singing. Isn't the dress lovely? She came into my room 4 nights before the performance and told me I needed to hem the dress and do something with the straps as they were way too long! Now she had had this dress for about 2 months. I guess I had just assumed she had tried it on when she got it from her teacher and that it fit fine! So I had to cut 4 & 1/2 inches off it and hem it and shorten the straps! Since it was Tuesday night late that she told me this and Wednesday night we had church I spent Thursday night hemming it by hand and Friday night doing the straps. Luckily the straps just go through these pieces on the front of the dress and Velcro closed. So all I had to do was cut off part of the straps and move the Velcro. I think she looks beautiful in her dress! Behind her is a lot of the food vendors.
This is a funnel cake topped with powdered sugar. They are so good! Tara and I could not leave without getting one and splitting it! Hubby had already left and so he missed out! Keith was with us, too, but he had gone off with a friend and we came back and got him later in the day.

Imagine my excitement when I came home from the Festival and found this in my mailbox!!! Julie at Julie's Provincial Patch had a giveaway and I was one of the winners! Look at what I won! It is a box full of goodies!
In the box there was this small box full of lovely buttons! I am a button-aholic! I love buttons! I have jars of buttons! She could not have given me anything I love anymore!
Then look at all these beautiful 5 inch squares of fabric! They are just awesome! I can't believe how many she sent! I think there was about 35 or so!
As you can see in this photo there was also this lovely handkerchief, two wooden clothes pins, a silk flower and a ponytail holder with a yo-yo and button sewn on it, and a lovely piece of pink trim!
Here is a picture of Tara modeling the ponytail for me! Sorry the pictures seem dark. They looked just fine on my computer but now they look dark on my blog! I just can't seem to win for loosing with picture taking!
Thank you so much Julie for the great giveaway and for all the lovelies you sent me! I can't wait to make something out of it!


Jacquelynne said...

Those fall festivals are fun, aren't they? And yes, my children give me little projects to do at the last minute, too!
Congrats on your win, you got some really great goodies!

John said...

This is very good festival for every kind of people, especially for kids, they enjoyed there very much. Obviously it is good relaxation time for me. children can taught many ideas about arts and crafts. They can collect many new tips for their uses.

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Julie said...

I'm glad my package landed OK and that you liked it. the ponytail holder looks good, I might have to make some more I think.
Tara looked lovely in her dress, I always used to make my Mum alter things at the last minute too. Mums always manage to save the day.

Chocolate Cat said...

I have to ask, what is a funnel cake??