Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy Weekend & 100th Post

Everyone has been putting such beautiful fall pictures on their blogs and so I had to put a couple of my own on mine. As I was going to the store on Saturday I passed these two trees and grabbed my camera out of my purse and took pictures. I have passed these trees millions of times and never thought to take a picture before. They usually look almost identical, but the one on the right has lost a good deal of leaves already. I have always thought these were the most gorgeous trees! There used to be an old house that sat behind them but after the lady died who owned the house the people who bought the property from her kin sold the house and it was moved off the property. The lady told me that they are just going to keep this lot vacant. It is a beautiful place.

This is a close-up of the tree on the left. I so love the colors!
Do you know what this is? It is the foam that the car wash sprays on your car! Yes after going by the trees and stopping at the drug store I went and cleaned my car. It had not been vacuumed in a while and even though the weather was fairly cool I was sweating by the time I got through! I had wore shorts for this purpose. I knew I would get hot. It is a job vacuuming a car! I did luck up and find a few coins for my effort!
Here is the jet water spray washing away the soap. This does not do a super job on the car but at least it got a lot of the dirt and grime off.
After the car wash I went on up to Wal-Mart to get groceries. If you live in a small town you cannot expect to go to Wal-Mart and be in a rush! I always seem to run into people I know and have to stop and talk a minute! The fact that I used to work there 8 years ago makes it hard, too. There are still lots of people who work there that worked there when I did and so I love to say hello to them, also. In fact, one of my dearest friends works there, but she is a department manager and so does not work on the weekends. Last year when I would take the kids to school in the morning (which is right up the road from Wal-Mart) I would ride on up to Wal-Mart a lot of times and look around and I would usually always run into her and stop and talk a few minutes. This year the kids take my dad's car to school every morning and so I never go up to Wal-Mart in the morning unless I really need something. So I haven't seen my friend in a while. I saw her last week at the fall festival and she said she had wondered if something had happened to me and was gonna call me to see since she had not seen me at Wal-Mart in so long!
Anyway, I finally got through with my shopping and got back home. I spent the rest of the afternoon making soup, doing laundry and cleaning the inside windows and other inside stuff on my car. It sure looks better! I spent Saturday night cutting out squares for my daughter's, Tara, quilt.
This is a picture of my Charlie Brown quilt top I finished sewing together Friday night. Hubby is working nights right now so I have to sew while he is gone. I am gonna be getting this quilt machine quilted soon and hope to sell it. Does anyone know anyone who would like a Charlie Brown quilt? I love Charlie Brown! I used to watch Charlie Brown Christmas and The Great Pumpkin every year as a child. I have a few books from way back when of Charlie Brown. When this quilt is all quilted and the binding done it should measure 78" x 92".

Last night I worked on putting together the squares I had cut out on Saturday night for Tara's quilt. I got quiet a lot done. I hope to get a lot more sewn together tonight. Here is sneak peek of hers. I am chain piecing the squares together.
It is just a scrappy quilt like the one I made Amber. I am using up a lot of my scraps in these quilts. I hope they like them! I know most people would make block first and then sew the blocks together. But with the way I am doing theirs I like to make rows with the blocks and sew the rows together.
It's hard to believe this is my 100Th post already! I will be having a giveaway but I have not figured out what it will be yet. Give me a couple days to see what I have and I will post about it and you will be able to leave a comment on that post to enter.

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