Friday, November 21, 2008

We Have a WINNER!

My kids and their Dad have gone to Louisiana today to pick up my niece and bring her back to spend the week with us. Since they are all gone I had no one here to help me draw a winner in my giveaway. Fortunately Miss Bear agreed to help. She doesn't put just anything in her special heart shaped box. But she didn't mind me putting in the names of all the bloggers who left comments on my giveaway post. So here they are all nicely folded and waiting for me to draw out one.
Here I am drawing the lucky winner. I didn't look. I just pointed the camera and shot!
And the winner is:
Karin! Karin please email me with you address and I will get you goodies in the mail to you on Monday! Thank you to everyone who left comments and joined my giveaway. It was lots of fun!

This is my son, Keith. This is after he had his hair cut a few weeks ago. He only had an inch or two cut off.
A few days ago he decided that he was tired of having his hair so long and it getting into his eyes all the time so he decided to go have it cut again. This is after having it cut this past Wednesday. I wanted to post this picture earlier, but he did not want his sister to see it. She is in Louisiana going to college and he got to see her this afternoon when he went there with his dad and other sister to pick up my niece. I am wondering what Amber thought of his new haircut. She loved his hair long. Some people at church Wednesday night didn't even recognize him!

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Jacquelynne said...

Lucky Karin!
Your son really does look different- amazing what a difference a simple haircut can make! (I think it looks good either way :) )