Friday, August 22, 2008

Surprise for Amber & sad news

In Monday's post I mentioned that I had made something on Sunday, but could not post about it as it was a surprise for someone. Well, that someone was my daughter, Amber, who is away at college. She received the surprise in the mail yesterday so now I can show you what it is! It is a journal I made for her! Actually, I made two and was going to keep one for myself, but my son, Keith, saw them and really wanted one so I gave him mine. I made them using a tutorial Amber had sent me online. I'm not sure how to get back to the tutorial. If I find it again I will post it. I made the journal pages from a sketchbook I bought and cut up and then hand sewed together. I then cut the front, back, and spine from stiff cardboard. I covered it with some fabric I thought Amber would like. I must say I admire people who make a lot of these journals as they are very time consuming. I guess I do better working with fabric and thread instead of paper and thread and glue. I seemed to have glue all over the place! Amber was so excited when she got the package in the mail yesterday! She told me the journal was awesome! That's a great compliment coming from her. She has found some journals on-line that she is going to purchase for the two of us and we are going to be doing some journaling together. We will then post the pictures of our creations for each to see. So I will post some of my journal photos here. I have always liked making scrapbooks, but mine have never been as good as some of the ones I see. Maybe I will do OK with the journaling. The journals I made are only about 5" x 4". The ones Amber is purchasing are going to be about 8" x 5". I am excited to get started and see what I can create!

On a sadder note, my brother's father-in-law passed away yesterday. His funeral will be tomorrow. Please keep his family in your prayers. I know from loosing my mother 3 years ago what a sad time this is for my sister-in-law and her mother and siblings. He was a very kind man and will be sorely missed. I had not met him very often as he lived in Illinois, but the few times I did he was always so friendly and made me feel right at home. He flew here with two of his children to attend my mother's funeral when she passed away and I know that meant a great deal to my brother. It did to me.

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MouseChirpy said...

Diane, your journal turned out fabulous. I can understand wy your children have gone ga-ga over them.
Your bobbin holder is really cute too. I've made something similar a long time ago to hold my lipstick in my purse. I used a yo-yo on both ends because I'm a yo-yo kind of gal. I had gotten tired of my lipstick caps coming off and then getting lipstick all over the inside of my purse. I need to see if I still have it(Sadly, I tend keep alot of old stuff! LOL)
Sorry to hear the sad news about your brother's inlaws. I hope that he lived a long and fulfilling life.
Take care.