Friday, August 1, 2008

Pin Cushion from Tiny Patchwork Book

I am so glad to see Friday get here. It is a cloudy, rainy day today but that is fine with me. The store in which I work is small and has these huge glass windows on the front. The afternoon sun pours through these windows and even with the AC going non stop it still will be around 83 degrees in there before I leave in the afternoon. When it is cloudy and rainy it doesn't get as hot.
My kids are setting off today on a trip to Six Flags in Georgia with our church youth. I know they will have fun and it will be a quiet weekend at home for me. I had to ask my dad to drive them up to the church for me and drop them off as hubby just got off work at 6AM and is sleeping and I will be at work. You would have thought I asked him to take them all the way to Georgia! Now our church is less than a mile from our house. He has no problem driving to the barber to get his hair cut and it is located right across the street from the church! I told him all he has to do is drive up there and let the kids get out. He doesn't even have to turn off the motor or get out of the car. He said it would be right at the time he has to eat and take his medicine! I told him it would not hurt for him to eat and take the medicine 5 minutes later today. That's that OCD thing he has going on! He finally agreed to take them for me. What a hoot!

For the past few days I have been working on a new pin cushion. It is from the Tiny Patchwork book I got the other day. It did not have a wrist strap, but I put one on it. I thought it turned out rather nice. My daughter, Tara, is modeling it in the photos. She has such a small arm that it is nearly up to her elbow! Below are pictures of it. I am trying to think of what I want to make next. I think I want to make a couple things out of my Kumiko Sudo books. A lady called me yesterday and wants me to crochet her a couple pairs of baby bootees. She likes to keep them on hand for when a baby shower comes up. So I will probably get them done first.

Flower Pin Cushion:

Let me know what you think of my pin cushion and of Tara modeling it.


Colorfuldayz said...

Diane, that is so beautiful! I love the shape, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink!

MouseChirpy said...

Hi Diane,
Your pincushion is just fabulous! I especially love all of the enbroidery you've done on it. Great fabric combination too. You're very lucky to have Tara to model for you. The pincushion "corsage" looks very pretty on her arm. Take care.

iHanna said...

Your lotus flower looks lovely! :-)

Sandi A. said...

Your wrist pin cushion is lovely!! I never wanted a wrist pin cushion until I saw this one. Your stitching is excellent and Tara is the perfect model!

Clothmatters said...

Your wrist pin cushion is spectacular! I love the color and prints you selected. Beautifully done!