Monday, August 25, 2008

Church Anniversary

Yesterday was my church's 50Th Anniversary celebration. It was a great day. I started going to this church at the age of 14, right after I was saved. My brother, Mother, cousin and I all went together. We really had some great times. I really enjoyed the celebration. I had taken my laptop and we set it up in the fellowship hall to play a slide show of old pictures for everyone to see while eating. After the service everyone went to the fellowship hall to eat. There was more food there then I have ever seen in my life!!! It was so good. I love church dinners. You get some of the best home cooking! I had taken a Coca-Cola Cake and a Chicken Rotel Casserole. I got the recipe for the Coca-Cola Cake from a lady at this same church when I was about 16 years old. I have made this cake hundreds of times over the years. It has always been my brother's favorite cake and I used to make one and send back to college with him when he would come home to visit. He would always fuss and say his roommate ate almost all of it! I still make him this cake when he comes to visit. One time I decided not to make it. I figured he must be getting tired of it by now. Well, when he got here and discovered I hadn't made it he was very disappointed and asked me if I could go get the stuff and make one! So off to the store I went to buy the ingredients and then back home to make it! It really made me feel good to know how much he looked forward to that cake.
Here is a picture of my Church:

This next picture is of my pastor, Bro. Don, at the pulpit yesterday morning. The photo is not very good as I was having problems with my camera. It was driving me crazy. All the pictures I was trying to take inside the church were coming out bad. I tried changing the settings on my camera but nothing seemed to help much. It takes really good pictures in bright sunlight. I am afraid I am going to have to get a new camera. I just bought this one in February. It is a Nikon Coolpix S5. If anyone can help me with this camera please let me know! That is our choir in the background in their new choir robes. Actually, I am suppose to be a member of the choir, but have taken a break from it. I have always sang first soprano. This past Christmas I was suffering from some very bad dry throat problems and struggled through the Christmas Cantata. So I have just been taking a break and giving my throat a rest. I still love to sing, though. I just don't know if my throat can hold out to do another cantata.

This is a picture of my pastor and his wife. They are such a lovely couple and we all just love them. My pastor's wife, Glenda, makes some of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. Her hand quilting is divine!

This is the Harrison Family, who sang yesterday. They went to our church when I was a teenager. Mr. Harrison, second from left, always led the singing and sang solos and duets with his wife, who is standing next to him. This son is on the left of him and his daughter is on the right of Mrs. Harrison. Once again the photo did not turn out very well.

This is a picture I took of the Harrison Family in the fellowship hall. My camera was taking better pictures in there although they are still a little dark.

This is a picture of Mr. & Mrs. Harrison taken in the 70's at the church organ.

This is a shot of some of the people in the fellowship hall. I hope you can see some of the food on the counter. It is so dark. Ugh!

These dear people are our church kitchen committee. Without them our church suppers and dinners would not take place.

This is a picture of my 86 year old friend, Lucille. She is the one that I help with her handwork projects. In a previous blog I told about putting a quilt together for her. Notice the black eye! She feel last Thursday night. She said she didn't trip over anything. She just fell. She has done this before. I do worry about her.

This is an old photo that was in the slide show. It was taken at Disney World in 1976! Our youth had gone on a trip to a youth camp for a week and then on the last day we went to Disney World. I am the 4th from the left in the red shirt. My best friend, Debra, is to the left of me. And on the far right is Carol. Carol is now our church recorder and has been a Sunday School Teacher for years. Debra and I were best friends all during our teen years. Then we lost contact for awhile after high school. We both married and moved around a bit. Now she is my Sunday School teacher and plays the organ!

This is a photo of my friend, Debra and me taken yesterday! We sure have changed, haven't we? She is such a sweet, dear, person and I treasure her. She is a fantastic Sunday School teacher. I don't think she realizes what a blessing she is to us, her students and friends.

This is a picture of Carol that was taken yesterday, also. It really is wonderful to go to church with people you have known most of your life.

It was really a wonderful day yesterday. Lots of wonderful worship, fellowship, and memories. We are having another celebration next Sunday. We are doing this two Sundays to give everyone an opportunity to attend one of the services. After all, a lot of people are coming from out of town and a lot of people work shift work. My hubby was working yesterday, but he will be off next Sunday and so will be able to attend the service then.


Noel said...

Congratulations to your Church on celebrating it's 50th anniversary!
That's amazing and so are your pictures!


MouseChirpy said...

Diane, I'm finally able to get through to your blog! I tried multiple times yesterday, throughout the early evening Hawaii time, but your blog wouldn't load for me. All that would come up was your header. Your blog seemed to be the only one that I was having difficulty with. It seems that everything is okay today.
Regarding the stabilizer that I use...You can find it at Walmart as part of their regular stock. It is called Ultra Firm and is made by a company called HTCW,Inc. Walmart sells it by the yard in 20 yard bolts. The bar code is 0 92889 09260 3 in case you need it. You already know the story of my direct purchase from HTCW and the awful shipping charges.
Over the years, I have used everything under the sun. I like the idea of a fusible, but I never have luck with the stuff. I hear nothing but raves from other people. I always end up with air pockets between the fabric and the fusible so I must be doing something wrong.
When I construct handbags, I sew the stabilizer into the lining of the bag before attaching it to the outside. Works great for me.
Good luck with sewing your handbags.
By the way, it's nice to see your picture. It's great to put a face to a name, pretty lady!
Take care.