Monday, August 18, 2008

HOT Monday Morning

What a day! I didn't sleep well last night, so when the alarm went off this morning I sure didn't feel like getting up. Amazingly when I went to wake my son up he was sitting on his bed already dressed! Usually I have to wake him up three times before he will get up. But then when his sister knocked on his door 5 minutes before time for them to leave he had fallen back to sleep and did not have his belt and shoes on nor his hair and teeth brushed. So he had to rush and do that. It is so nice that I don't have to drive them to school this year! My dad lets them take his car to school now.
I did leave early and went by and got a biscuit for breakfast. I like to get to work a little early so I can have some quiet time to read my Bible. Well, wouldn't you know when I walked into this store this morning I realized immediately that the Air Conditioner was not working! I live in the hot south! It is now almost 83 degrees in my store and getting hotter! I called my boss and he told me to call the AC repair people, which I did. Of course they had already gone out on repair calls and so I don't know what time they will be able to come here. The lady said she will send them as soon as possible. Last week it was nice and rainy. Of course today it is bright and sunny! I have these big glass window that go from ceiling to floor and wall to wall in the front. By noon time the sun will be shining in them and it will really start to heat up in here! ugh!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was good. I went to a birthday party on Saturday for a friends mother's 91st birthday! It was really nice and I saw people I had not seen in years and years! At least one person thought I was not quiet 40 years old yet! How nice was that!? He couldn't believe I am almost 49. This is a picture of my friend, Carolyn, and her mother, Alice.

This is a picture of my daughter, Tara, and her two best friends, Tiffanie and Abby, on the first day off school! They are so excited to be seniors! Tara is in the middle with Tiffanie on the left and Abby on the right. That is my son, Keith, in the background. This was taken before the bell rang for classes to start.

These two pictures are of Abby, Tiffanie, and Tara in their Food Dynamics class. In my day they called it Home Economics. I think I might have mentioned in a previous blog that the lady who teaches this class was my Home Ec teacher back in 1975-1976. How the time has flown!
This is the girls doing their Charlie Angels pose! That's cooking utensils they are using as their weapons!

I guess they were about to do some cleaning up in this picture!

The school year seems to be starting off pretty good for them. Keith is adjusting to the high school well, also.

I haven't gotten too much accomplished in the way of handwork. I did make something yesterday, but it is a surprise for someone so I can't tell what it is just yet, but I will soon.
I am still working on some baby booties for a friend. I would like to get several pairs made up. They seem to sell nicely and it seems we are having more ladies having babies around here so I will need them for gifts.

Do any of you like to read Karen Kingsbury's books? I love her books. I always seem to cry while reading one of her books. She really knows how to touch you. For several days I was reading her book "Ever After". In it a young soldier is killed and it goes on for quiet a while with his death and funeral. It happened that I was reading this sad part of the book on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. My kids were in my room on my computer as I was reading. And so there I am laying on the bed reading and crying and my kids are like "What's wrong Mama?" I say, "It's the book. It's so sad." I think I was driving them and myself crazy! Saturday night I was determined to finish that book. I cried so much Saturday night it was unreal! I think reading about this young 22 year old man dying just brought back to me the time when my 24 year old brother died. He has been dead now for 32 years, but I still miss him so much. Reading about the pain this young man's death caused his family and friends brought all that pain back to me. I am so glad to be done with that book! If you haven't read any of Karen Kingsbury's books I highly recommend that you do!

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