Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Fish & 5" Charm Squares

I had told you in an early post that I was working on some goldfish bags out of one of Kumiko Sudo's books. Below is the one I finished on Sunday. I just got a picture taken of it yesterday!

Here are four more fish bags I have been working on. It has taken me longer than I expected to get them done as I have been really busy lately at work. My boss doesn't mind if I do a little hand sewing when I am not busy. The past few days have been extremely busy, though. With it being the first of the school year I have a lot of cafeteria workers from the schools coming in to buy scrub uniforms. Also some of the school nurses buy uniforms from us. I am the only one who works in this store and so I have to do everything here from putting out the freight to waiting on the customers to cleaning. It is good to be busy, though. More customers means more profits for the owners! So that makes them happy and if they are happy then I am happy! I will post pictures of the finished fishies when I get them finished! I just think they are the cutest things!

Here is one more set of 5" fabric charm squares I received through the Craftster swap I am in. They are from almostexact. I love the butterfly fabrics the best! One day I want to make a quilt with all different kinds of butterfly fabric in it. So I am collecting different butterfly prints everywhere I go now. Don't you think that would be beautiful? Butterflies stand for happiness. I just love them!

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Endy said...

Bellissimi questi pesciolini!