Thursday, August 7, 2008

School is in!

Got the kids off to school today! This is Tara's senior year and she is so excited. Poor thing caught a cold on Tuesday and was running a low fever last night. She seemed better today, but still all stuffed up. But she had to go to school on the first day. This is Keith's first year at the high school. He is starting the 9Th grade. He was a little nervous about finding his way around. Tara told him to just follow her! I had to go into the school to pick up something and was a little behind them in the hall. They were so cute with Tara in the lead and Keith following right behind her.

I saw one of my old teachers and stopped to talk a minute. I know that sounds strange that someone who taught me would still be teaching! I am 48 years old, after all. She taught me home-economics 32 years ago! She was very young at the time. In fact she was pregnant with twins at the time. Although, they did not know it was twins until the babies were born. That was way before ultrasounds and they could only detect one heartbeat. One of the babies was hiding behind the other. I even remember crocheting her a baby blanket. Anyway, Tara has her for one of her classes this year! I just love that. She was one of my favorite teachers and I just love her. She also taught my daughter, Amber, when she was in high school!

I think it was more emotional for me this year with the kids going to school then when they first started kindergarten! Just thinking about that my last two are both in high school and Tara will soon be out! The years have just flown by.

Every year since Amber, my oldest, first started first grade, I have taken pictures of my kids on the first day of school. Somehow I missed taking one of Amber when she started kindergarten. I think I got the idea from a friend after she had already started kindergarten. Anyway, today was no exception. I took three pictures of Keith and Tara. I liked the last one. Keith's smile in the first two was kinda fake. Tara said she liked her hair better in the first one! You be the judge and tell me what you think.

I have to tell this little story. You see, Keith and Amber have always been very shy. Well, Tara has too at times, but she reacts differently than Keith and Amber. So Yesterday Tara took Keith up to the high school to show him where his classes would be. They went into the office and Miss Patsy, who has worked there for years, looked at Keith and said "I see he got the tall genes in the family." Tara said Keith just stood there and looked at Miss Patsy, didn't smile and didn't say a word! So Miss Patsy says, "I see he got Amber's personality, too!" Tara said Keith still just stood there and never said a word and never smiled! I just died laughing when she told me this. Tara will at least smile if someone is talking to her or says something like that to her even if she is shy, but not my Keith and Amber! They are a hoot! But they are both so sweet and everybody loves them.

Notice the height difference between Keith and Tara. Now remember he is 14 and she is 17! I tell her he is her big little brother! I can't wait till they get home from school and call me and I see how their first day went.

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