Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bobbin Holders

Good Wednesday Morning! I like Wednesday's because that means half the week is over! My hubby will be working days this weekend and so I hope to get a lot of sewing done on Saturday! Yeah! My daughter, Tara, has put in a request for a purse and I really want to make myself one. So I really need to get busy with them! I'm gonna try and pull the fabric out for them tonight and get them cut out so all I will have to do Saturday is sew them up!

Has anyone every used Google Reader? I love it! If you haven't used it you should give it a try. All you do is create an account at Google Reader and then you can add your blog subscriptions to it. Then you can log in and every time one of the blogs you like has a new post you will see it on Google Reader! That way you don't have to spend all day going from blog to blog to see if the person has posted something new. I just love it! I have tons of subscriptions to blogs on there and it is so easy to add new ones anytime you want to.

Below are some bobbin cases I made. When I first saw something like this the person had made one to hold a spool of thread with several needles in the felt with the thread going through them so you had a threaded needle anytime you needed it. Since I do a lot of handwork in which I need a variety of colors of thread I like to wind up bobbins with the thread. It makes it easier to carry lots of colors with me. So I thought this little spool holder would be great for my bobbins! I made it a little longer and a little smaller around. I also used snaps on it to close instead of buttons and elastic thread. The buttons on the outside are just for decoration.
Here is the outside with it closed.

This is the end. At first I just had my bobbins in them any old way. But I soon discovered that every time I needed a certain color I would have to search through all of them. Then I came up with a solution. If you notice the end of this one is green. So I put all the green bobbins in it.

This is what it looks like on the inside. I did put a piece of felt in them and therefore can put needles in there if I want. But I usually keep my needles in a little needle book.

This one has a red end and holds my red and pink thread.

This one has a yellow end and since I don't have many yellows I put my extra colors, like black, white, and blue in it. Right now I only have three of these bobbin holders. In the future I may make more if I need room for more colors.


Colorfuldayz said...

These bobbin holders are wonderful ... and your blanket stitch is always so perfect.

Noel said...

Love the bobbin holders....great idea....and they look easy to make!
Dan you tell me where you got the pink holders that you have on the bobbins to hold the threads in place? I have been looking for these things everywhere!