Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a scare!

Last night at nearly 11pm we got a phone call from my daughter, Tara. She called her sister's cell phone instead of mine, but I was standing right there and heard her talking hysterically over the phone. She did not call my phone cause she was afraid I would be mad at her! What a hoot! She said she had just been in a wreck and we needed to come at once! I threw on my clothes and Amber, Keith, and I ran out the door. Hubby was working nights and since she was not hurt I decided not to call him. As we were rushing down the road I looked over at Amber, who was putting on her shoes, and asked her where her pants were! She was in such a panic that she had taken off her shorts to put on her jeans and then forgot the jeans! She had put on her jacket, though. Well, I couldn't take the time to go back home for her to get pants, so I told her she would have to stay in the car. She decided to take my sweater and button it around her waist so it looked like a sweater skirt! I, however had to do without a sweater to wear and I had on short sleeves. It was a pretty chilly night out, about 40 degrees.
Anyway, we get to where Tara was and she was standing there next to two policemen. I just wanted to cry, but I wouldn't let myself cause I could not let myself fall apart. Tara came rushing over to me and hugged me. She was crying. Thank God she was not hurt at all! She and her friend had been riding around and it was time for her to come home. Her friend wanted to go to this party so he went there and got out and told her to drive his car home and he would have these girls bring him by to get it. So she left the place and had not gone but a few dozen feet when she ran off the road and the car rolled over! She ran off the road at this really bad curve. I mean this curve is more like a turn. There is only one small sign warning of it and it is a really dark road. I almost wrecked on this same curve when I was 18 or 19. You come upon it before you realize it. She said she could not find her cell phone and could not open the car door. So she let the window down and climbed out. She had to climb up a small embankment and then she ran back to the place where her friend was and used his phone to call her sister. Of course the policeman told me he had to do a breath test on her and I told him to go ahead. It was fine, though, she had not been drinking at all. I knew she hadn't. We stayed there until her friends grandmother came and the wrecker pulled the car out. This whole experience really terrified her and she says she doesn't even want to drive again. But the best thing for her is to get back behind the wheel and drive carefully. She was so upset all night long. She and I did not go to sleep till after 4am and then I did not sleep much. She just feels so bad about wrecking her friends car. It was just a freak accident. I told her they happen sometimes. If she had not been wearing her seat belt she would have probably been killed or hurt extremely bad. I just cannot thank God enough for keeping my little girl safe.
Here is a picture of the car before the wrecker came and turned it back right side up and pulled it out of the embankment.


Amanda said...

How scary for you all. I think the worst thing after something like this is your imagination, it just will not stop thinking of all the what if.... scenarios. As you can tell, I've been through this with both of my sons when they were teenagers, and it makes you want to turn back the years when you could keep them safe. I do so hope she's none the worse today - and you're right, she needs to get back in a car straightaway and go for a good long drive.

Julie said...

Oh how awful for the girl and you. I'm glad they are OK.

Sassy said...

God really had His hand on Tara! Like you said the best thing for her to do is get back in a car and drive carefully.
Love ya,
p.s. Is Your nerves ok?

Linda said...

So glad she is physically okay!! I hope she does keep driving right away so that she doesn't start doubting her skills, etc... I would have been a basket case!!
(((big hugs 2 you both!)))