Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Baby Is 15 Today!

That's right, my baby, Keith, is turning 15 today! Now he will be able to get his learners permit and every time I go somewhere he is gonna want to drive! Keith is my youngest. All my kids are growing up so fast!

Here is a picture of my Mama, Myrtle, holding Keith in the hospital the day after he was born.
Here is a picture of Hubby's Mama, Pam, holding Keith. Notice the red booties on Keith's feet. I crocheted them. He grew so fast that it seemed I was crocheting him a new pair of booties every week!
Both my Mama and Hubby's Mama are gone now. But I know they would both be so proud of the young man Keith has become.

This is a picture of Keith and his Bun. He loved this bunny and carried him everywhere he went. By the time he stopped carrying him around that poor bunny was falling apart. I have sewn holes up on that bunny so many times that he probably doesn't have any thread left on him that is original!
I just think this photo is so cute!
Here he is almost all grown up! He still has a few years till he is 18. But they will pass fast!

I will post pictures of him and his cake later. We are gonna cut it tonight. I baked it last night and Keith iced it. He loves to ice cakes! I just think he likes to eat the remnants of icing that are left over!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to Keith. I'm always just a little bit horrified that your youngsters can start driving when they are still so young. Ours have to wait until they're seventeen, and I thought that was far too soon when my boys were that age!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Keith!!
My youngest turns 15 in May... not looking forward to having her drive! LOL Did I say that outloud?! LOL
Good luck with your permit test Keith!