Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Thursday Morning

My friend, Linda, came by my store for a little while yesterday. She is planning a High School Reunion and wants to make a power point slide show of some of the old pictures of her classmates. She needed me to show her how to do this. So I did. That Linda is something else! I laugh the most when I am with her! It feels so good to laugh. Anyway, Linda brought by a couple pictures for me to see and I borrowed them so I could scan them into my computer. Here they are.

First is this picture of Linda's dad and some of the crochet pieces he has done. Yes, he crochets! The framed Last Supper up on the wall is huge! It is done in Filet Crochet. She said he as done several of them in different size threads! There is hours and hours of work in one of those! I hope to go over to her dad's with her one day and meet him and see more of his work!
This is a picture of Linda's mom and my Aunt Doodle (one on right). Linda said they were the best of friends. I know it is very light, but I think it is so neat!
This is an old family photo and I am not really sure who it is. Linda didn't bring this one. This is one of my own. We have been trying and trying to figure out who it is. I thought it was my great great grandfather, but everybody else who actually knew him say they don't think so. They said he didn't have horses either. So now I am wondering if maybe it is his father. If anyone has any ideas let me know.
This is the back of the photo.
Last, but definitely not least, is a picture of Amber and her rag dolls! She was 1-1/2 years old when this picture was taken. I made her the rag dolls and the dress to match. I am so glad to have this picture as the rag dolls got thrown away by accident. Notice the little couch she is sitting on. It is just a big piece of foam cut in the shape of a couch and covered with fabric. When I was a little girl my dad brought it home to me. A foam salesman came to my dad furniture plant and he had the couch and a chair so that he could show my dad and his brothers the type of foam he had. My dad somehow got them from him and covered them with fabric for me. I just loved them! They were perfect for my dolls. The chair eventually got threw away, but when Amber was born my dad recovered the couch in new fabric and she played with it for years! It finally just wore out and we threw it away, too.
So I am glad to have a picture of it too. We have other pictures of my little couch in photo albums.


Amanda said...

Isn't it fun looking at old photographs, I love looking though ours, there's always something new to think about. That last supper is FANTASTIC - I have never seen anything like it, amazing.

em's scrapbag said...

Love the old photos!