Friday, February 20, 2009


I love butterflies! I have three quilts that I have made with butterflies on them. So when I saw some crocheted butterflies on Hideko's blog (Wind From The East) I just knew I had to learn how to make them. I left her a comment asking her if she would share the directions with me. She did much better then that. She sent me 2 butterflies she had made for me to use as a pattern! They are simply beautiful! And I cannot think her enough for sending them!
Here is a picture of the fronts of them. Here is a side view of them.


Linda said...

They are beautiful! Can't wait to see some of yours!
Thank you for the definition! What a great idea that is!

Deepa said...

Lovely butterflies!! Have you tried making a few yourself?
Thanks for coming over to my blog.

shelia said...

the butterflies are gorgeous!
thanks for sharing :)