Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Girls!

My daughters, Amber & Tara, came by where I work today for me to see how Amber looked and take some pictures of them! Now why, do you say, would I need to see how Amber looked? Well, Tara had done her hair and make-up. Amber doesn't usually straighten her hair or wear make-up. Tara had straightened Amber's hair for her and did her make-up. She also parted Amber's hair on the side instead of the middle like Amber usually wears it. I think they both look very pretty!
The photos are a little light because of all the bright light in the store where I work.
But they look beautiful anyway!
Here are two more pictures of Amber and Tara.

1 comment:

shelia said...

aren't baby girls fabulous!!!
i have 3 and now my first grandaughter...girl power (i think the power is in the lip gloss!)