Monday, February 2, 2009

Amber's been sewing!

This is Amber's pin cushion. She had a needle with some thread on it stuck in it. When she picked it up a couple days ago the thread on the needle had formed a heart! We just thought this was so neat, especially since it is almost Valentine's Day. Look in the lower right corner of the pin cushion and you will see the heart!
Amber decided that she wanted to make a hussif. For anyone who doesn't know a hussif is made to carry your scissors, thread, thimble, pins, needles and whatever else you want in. I had made a larger one and then a smaller one. She is working on making a smaller one for herself. She decided to make two log cabin blocks for the front and the back. She just finished the blocks yesterday afternoon and took a picture of them for me to post here. I think she did a fantastic job! She is also going to make some smaller log cabin blocks to make a doll quilt with.

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