Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tiny Patchworks Book & 5" Fabric Charms Swap

I have seen so many of these Japanese book and items made from them on blogs and have really wanted one. I could not find where everyone was getting one but finally found where someone said they purchased theirs on Etsy. So off I went to look for one to order. I found lots over at Pomadour24's Etsy store It arrived on Monday and I had to make something from it immediately.

Since my stork embroidery scissors are so sharp and always seem to be poking into something I decided to make this cute little scissors holder. I am currently figuring out the patterns for other things I want to make. Although you can look at the pictures and pretty much figure out how to make the things in the book it still takes a bit of concentration. Especially since the measurements are in milimeters instead of inches. Being 48 years old and having worked with inches all my life it takes some doing figuring out the measurments!

I am involved in a 5" fabric charm swap over at Craftster. Below are the squares I have received so far. Lots of great fabrics! Can't wait to make something with them all! They are from (not in any particular order) aspenwall, CreativeGenes, jennyleigh, Colorfuldayz, imafundork, purpleone, onegrooyday. I just love them all and can't wait to see what other ones I get!

Woke up this morning to a broken pipe under the kitchen sink. I could tell that my hubby had discovered this last night after I went to bed as all the stuff that is usually under the sink was on the floor and there was a fan blowing under the sink. My dad, who lives with us, gets very upset if anything is out of place. He has OCD very bad and dementia. He does exactly the same thing everyday at exactly the same time! So he immediately pointed out to me the stuff on the floor and the fan. I told him there must be a leak and that hubby would fix it. My dad empties out the ice trays every day at exactly 2:00PM. If anyone is in the kitchen at 1:30PM he starts to get really nervous and starts pacing and reminding them that he has to get out the ice at 2:00PM. I have told him that there is nothing written that says the ice has to be gotten out at excatly 2:00PM but that does not help whatever is going on inside his brain! So I know he is worrying that the pipe will not be fixed in time for him to get out the ice. This is the only thing in my house my dad does. The rest of the time he sits in his recliner and watches TV! I would go crazy sitting in that chair 24/7 and watching TV Land and News. Well, he does go to bed at 10:00PM but he is up again at 6:30AM. I have tried to get him to get out and do something but he won't. I am afraid he is getting worse and worse. He does not like to leave the house for anything.

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MouseChirpy said...

Oh my, Diane, I watch TVLand and the national news all day too!! I wonder what that says about me...LOL.
I had to chuckle while reading about your dad because it brings back memories of my grandmother. In the beginning stages of Alzheimer's, she would walk to the grocery store almost every day and purchase oranges. When we'd visit her on Sundays, her fridge would be stuffed to the gills with oranges. It was at that point that we realized grandma was starting to have a problem.
Bless your dad and you too for having the patience to deal with dimentia. It's not easy.
I also love Kumiko Sudo's books too. I only have one, Kokoro No Te, and I love looking at her handsewn lovelies. I do confess that I haven't made any projects from her book yet despite having purchased it over 3 years ago.
Your latest projects are so cute. I love the idea of using the zipper as a handle for your bag. Do I see beading on the handle too? Very cute!
I love your scissor cozy too and the fabric combination that you've chosen. Very beautiful and great vibrant colors.
Regarding the segmented folded hexagon...Think of a pie sliced in six pieces. Join pieces of fabric to resemble a pie. To begin folding, bring the seam between two colors to the center point and then continue folding it the way I show in my tutorial. It should turn out like the hexagon on my needlebook. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Have a nice day.