Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Small Hussif

Below is the small hussif I told you about in my previous post. This is the one I like to carry around with me with my needlework projects in. The picture below is of the front. The pocket that covers the whole front is created with one of the very first cross-stitch pieces I ever did. I was 21 when I started cross-stitching. I had decided I wasn't going to cross-stitch as I was afraid it would give me headaches and I had suffered with headaches so much. But a friend of mine was always cross-stitching when I would go visit her and watching her gave me the cross-stitching bug and so I had to go out and buy a book and thread! That started years of cross-stitching for me! I don't do much cross-stitch anymore. I like to embroidery more today, but I still have all my cross-stitch books just in case!! This is a picture of the back. Once again the cross-stitch piece forms a large pocket across the back. And once again it is another of my first cross-stitch pieces.
This is the end which shows the closure. I sewed in two pieces of ribbon on it and put snaps on them, then sewed buttons on the outside as decoration.
This is the inside. In the upper left corner is a pin cushion, next to it is a little pocket for my thimble. Under the pin cushion is my needle book. The cover of it is the ATC I did of my Mama. Beside that I made a pocket using that same vintage fabric that I used in the pincushion I made this past weekend. On the upper right are little ribbons hooked with snaps to put bobbins of thread on. Below them are little pockets to put my embroidery thread in or anything else I choose to. I made these pocket with some fabric I had saved from making Amber and I outfits alike when she was 3 years old. That was 17 years ago! Time sure flies! I used to love making Amber and I outfits alike. Before my daughter Tara was born I made Amber and I several outfits to match. I knew I would be tired with the new baby and would not feel like sewing. I will have to see if I can dig out some old pictures of the two of us matching and post them. Just so you won't think I neglected Tara, I did make all three of us dresses to match after she was a few months old and I made Tara and Amber lots of dresses to match. It was so fun dressing them alike!
This is the inside of my hussif with the needle book open and some of my supplies in it. You can see my thimble sticking out of it's little pocket. I love the leather coin thimbles. I have never been able to use the regular hard silver thimbles. I like something that really conforms to my finger and doesn't really feel like it is there.

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