Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Morning & Pincushion

It was nice to have a long weekend. I did get all my laundry done on Friday and then went and did my grocery shopping. My dad thought it was terrible that I was going grocery shopping on Friday. He said "but it's not Saturday". He is at the point that everything has to be done at the exact same time everyday or on the exact same day of the week every week. Some days it will make you crazy. If he always does something at a certain time and something interfers with it he gets so upset. I took Tara to meet a friend with whom she went to a family bar-b-que'. I did cook a nice late lunch of bar-b-que' chicken and all the trimmings. I cooked the chicken in the oven with bar-b-que' sauce. It was very good! We didn't go to the fireworks show after all. No one was really interested. Hubby was tired still after having worked a 12 hour shift all night Thursday night and he had to get up at 4:30 AM Saturday morning to do a 12 hour day shift. It was fine with me. I just sat and crocheted all evening on one of Aunt Vivian's tablecloths. Saturday I got a later start than I intended. I couldn't seem to wake up. I am a person who dreams all night long and therefore I don't feel rested in the mornings. This was the case Saturday morning. I did get some things organized in our bedroom and then I started sewing. I made several little pouches to use in my purse to hold things and I made a nice larger pouch to hold a book of mine. I also make this great pincushion. I had seen one similar to it on Sunshine Yellow's blog ( and had to make one. The fabric in the middle that is tan, green and pink is some left over from a pair of pants my mama started making me when I was about 10 years old! She never finished them! That was how my mama was, she didn't do much sewing. But she did some beautiful embroidery. So I guess you could say the fabric is vintage! It is 38 years old. I just love it! The picture below shows the top of my pincushion. I learned to make the little flower on top over at Polka Dot Pineapple's blog ( I love all the stuff she makes! It is really inspiring! As you can see, I haven't put all my pins in my pin cushion yet, but I will.

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Colorfuldayz said...

I love that pin cushion, Diane!!