Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I finished putting the rows of my friends quilt together last night!!! I stayed up till 11pm to finish. That is late for me. I usually go to sleep at 10pm. But I was determined to finish it! I am now going to call her and tell her to come by my work and pick it up! I hope I never see that quilt again! It was a pain in the neck getting those rows together after she had quilted them. Maybe someone out there has an easier way to do it that they can share with me. Because of staying up so late last night I feel really tired today. ugh!

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MouseChirpy said...

Hi Diane! I sure missed quite a few of your posts. Your bags turned out really cute. Although your friends quilt was a lot of work, it really was time well spent. It is a beautiful heirloom that she will be able to pass on to her family.
I always love hearing about your family history. Just like your family, my father-in-laws brother married my mother-in-law's sister. It's quite interesting because the cousins do look very similar to each other.
I love seeing all of the old quilts and hearing stories from the past. I think you should write a book in order to keep it all straight for the next generation. Take care.