Thursday, July 3, 2008

Large Hussif

I am so glad it is Thursday and tomorrow is July 4Th as the store where I work is closed tomorrow! So it will be a long weekend. We don't plan to do anything special for the 4Th. We may go see the city's fireworks show. It will just be nice to be off and have some time to sew. Quite a while back I had cut out a lot of 3-1/2 inch squares out of some of my scrap fabric and I had some extras left over from the memory quilt I had made my niece. So I started sewing them into rows and putting the rows together. As usual I never finished the quilt top. The other day I put this little table in my bedroom and these past few days when my husband is working I have been sewing some more of the squares together. He will be working all day Saturday and I plan to work on it then. I have also started crocheting on the blue, round tablecloth that my Aunt Vivian gave me that she hadn't finished. So I really don't have any pictures to show you now of new stuff. I will take some pictures of my scrappy squares quilt this weekend to post. Below are some pictures of a sewing Hussif I made a little while back.
This picture is of the front. The photo transfer on the front is of me at the age of 7. I am dressed as a green fairy for a Rumpelstiltskin play I was in at school. This is one of my favorite pictures. I have a wall hanging I made from it. The dog standing so nicely in the background was my brother's dog, Charms. This is the end view of my Hussif. I put Ribbon closures with snaps on them. I sewed buttons to the outside of the snaps as decoration.
This is right when you open it. I hand embroidered all the pockets.
This is the full inside view of it opened.
This is the full outside view of it opened.
This is a close up of some of the inside. The round crocheted thing is a pin cushion.
This is more closeups of the inside. The left side is a needle book and the small pockets on the right are for small containers of needles I have.
This is the back. I got the cat from a dresser scarf my mama embroidered many years ago. I just thought it was so cute!
These pictures show my hussif empty except for the scissors and thread bobbins. I now have it full, but don't take it with me much as it is heavy. It is convenient at home as everything is close at hand. I have a smaller hussif I made to carry with me and will show you that one in another post.
Hope you all have a great 4Th of July!

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MouseChirpy said...

Your hussif is just beautiful. I love the embroidery stitching. Your photo as a little girl is just precious and it makes the perfect cover for such a lovely keepsake.
I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July. Take care.