Monday, July 21, 2008

Good Monday Morning

It has been a busy weekend. First I want to show you the pictures of two project bags I made Thursday night. I have put my embroidery I am working on in both of them. I have three different projects going now!

This next picture is a cat that I am embroidering. I saw these two cats over at Buttonberry's Blog that their mother and aunt had embroidered in the 70's! I feel in love with them and emailed them and asked their permission to print one of the cats out and make a pattern to trace and embroidery. I got a very nice email back saying it would be fine for me to do that. So below are two pictures of the start of the cat I am doing. Isn't he fantastic? Pop over to their blog and look at the original cats! That are outstanding. And I love the way the two ladies each took different approaches to how they did them.

This next picture is a quilt that my 86 year old friend hand embroidered. She bought a kit and embroidered all the squares herself. The she got me to sew the squares together for her as she was worried she would not be able to match up the embroidery correctly. She then hand quilted it in rows. So guess who gets to put those rows together? You got it, me! I started on it Friday night since my husband is on nights. I didn't get to work on it Saturday as the kids and I went shopping and visiting. I mentioned that we were going to be going school shopping in my last post. I will tell you about the visiting in a minute. I hope to get this quilt finished in the next couple of days and get it back to my friend so she can put the binding on it.

So I told you we went visiting. As you know from a previous post my Aunt Vivian lives a short distance from Mobile, which is where we went school shopping. I had planned for us to go by and visit with her anyway, but the phone call I got from her on Friday afternoon definitely made me go by. She called to tell me that her great grandson, who was only 4 years old, had drowned in a pond. He lived with his parents and sister in Georgia where his father is stationed in the Air Force. They brought his body back to Mobile for the funeral. It is so sad. The funeral will be tomorrow. I had never met her grandson nor great grandson. She was so sad and I just wanted to go hug her. So the kids and I went over. Her son, Tim, who is the little boy's grandfather, lives right next door to Aunt Vivian. So we went over to his house, also, and met the parent's of the little boy and visited there for quiet awhile. They showed me lots of pictures of the little boy, Matthew, and told me all about him. He was such a beautiful little boy.
When we first got to Aunt Vivian's my cousin, Tim, and his family wasn't home so while I sat and visited with my aunt and my cousin, Gayle, my uncle took the kids outside and showed them some things. My kids have never been out into the country and seen different animals. My uncle doesn't have as many animals as he used to as he is now 80 years old and can't take care of so many, but he had lots of things of interest to teach them! They really enjoyed it.
First of all were the bees. My aunt and uncle have bees and they sell the honey. They sent us home with several jars! I will have to put a picture of the honey on here soon. Below is a picture of one of the bee boxes that my daughter took.

This is my daughter Tara with my aunt and uncles horse. Her name is Barbie and their great granddaughter rides her. She is a small horse and very cute!

This is one of my uncle's goats. I don't remember what Tara told me his name is. She will tell me that I should have asked her his name to put in the post! So when I find out from her I will put it in. She always wants to know the names of all animals. I'm surprised she didn't ask if all Uncle Juniors bees had names!

Here Tara is on a limb of a big old tree in the back yard. I just love the way the branches are so big and low to the ground. I wish she would have taken a picture of the whole tree.

These are two of my Aunt Vivian's great grand daughters. Shelby is on the left and Gabriel is on the right. Aren't they adorable? Tara and her friend, Tiffanie, who had gone with us, had so much fun playing with these two beauties!

This is my cousin's son, Josh, and my Aunt Vivian. It was not his son who died.

This is my Uncle Junior and my daughter, Tara. In case I forgot to mention this. Uncle Junior is my mom's brother and he is married to Aunt Vivian who is my dad's sister!

This is my Aunt Vivian and my cousin Tim.

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