Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yard Sale Goodie

I went by a yard sale not for from my house on Friday. I got this wonderful doily for only one dollar! I knew the lady who had lived in the house where the sale was taking place. She is now in a nursing home and her daughter was getting rid of some of her things. I think it is so sad. The lady did beautiful cross-stitch. When I had been to her home a couple times with my mother-in-law some years ago she had these huge georgous cross-stitched angels framed and hanging all over her house! They told me that the family was keeping all of those. I don't blame them I would keep them, too if they were done by a member of my family.I also got this wonderful glove there. I only paid fifty cents for it. You can't really tell from the picture, but it is of a sheer black organza. They thought I was crazy to just buy one glove. But I have seen some really neat needle work collages done with old gloves. My daughter put it on yesterday and just loved it! She said I should have gotten both gloves. But one of them had something all over the top of it.

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