Friday, May 23, 2008

Glad it is Friday!

I am so glad today is Friday! And my store will be closed on Monday for Memorial Day so that makes a long weekend for me!!! The kids get out of school Monday for the holiday, also, then have to go back for three days and then they are out for the summer. You would think the school could have worked it out so they wrapped up this week. But you know they have to attend a certain number of days. And they are making the school years longer and longer. The kids will only be out for the summer for a little over two months. A few years ago the summer vacation lasted for three months.
I've got one daughter, Tara, who will be a senior next year. And my son, Keith, will be going to high school and starting the 9Th grade. My oldest daughter, Amber, just finished her second year of college! Time sure flies!
We had to go to the school last night for an awards ceremony. Mostly it was the present seniors getting awarded scholarships, but then at the end they called the ones from each grade up who had a 4.0 average. My Tara was in that group. I was so proud of her! I am proud of all my kids. Guess that is normal for all moms!

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