Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fabric Organization

This is my new way of keeping track of what fabric I have. I have my fabric in small clear totes. I labeled each tote with a number. I then cut a small swatch off each fabric in that tote. I then glued these swatches to large index cards with the box number at the top of the card and put them in numerical order in a tin box. No more hunting through each tote looking for a particular fabric!Close up of one of the index cards. My daughter told me I was too organized! I told her I had to be! The other day I was looking for a piece of fabric to line a crocheted bag I made for my cousin. She is crazy about Elvis and I knew I had some leftover Elvis fabric from a quilt I had made my daughter. But of course I could not find it. This was before I did my organization. So I went to Wal-Mart and bought more Elvis fabric! Of course I found what I already had as I was organizing! Now to just keep it organized. It's easy pulling fabric out of the totes, but sometimes it doesn't get put back so easily!

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