Saturday, May 31, 2008

Apollo the cat

This is my oldest daughter's (A) cat, Apollo. He is about 7 years old now. If you look at his eyes you can tell that he is blind in his right eye. He injured it several years ago.
This cat has really used just about all his nine lives! When we got him he was about 2 months old and a very nervous cat, having been abused by his previous owner. He finally learned that we weren't going to hurt him and we loved him and he got better. But he is still a little nervous and won't let just anybody pick him up.
He especially loves daughter A and he is her baby. She is 20 now and in college. When she left for college he would wonder into her room looking for her. We had always lived in the same house from the day we got him. Then a few months after daughter A went away to college we moved across town to a house I inherited from my mother. We took Apollo and Lily (my 17 year old dauughter's (T) cat) with us. They were upset at first, but then they seemed to be adjusting. But after about a week Apollo disappeared. After a couple days I rode by our old house and there sat Apollo in our old driveway! I couldn't believe he had made it all the way across town! We live in a small town, but he had to cross two major roads!
I parked, got out and took him back home. He stayed a few days and then went back to the old house again! We talked to everyone in the neighborhood about him and discovered there were a few older ladies who were feeding him. No one could catch him and take him home with them. We kept bring him back to our new home and he kept going back to the old one! Daughter A came home for Christmas 2006 and she kept going back to the old house and finally we found Apollo and she brought him home. Well, he stayed as long as she was there and then a few days after she went back to college he left again! We figured he wasn't going to make it this time and we just decided to let him alone. We still kept riding by the old house sometimes but never saw him. Someone new bought the house and moved into it. Then when daughter A came home for Christmas of 2007 she and daughter T were driving through the old neighborhood to go to a friends house and saw Apollo. It was dark out and they couldn't get him to come to them. The next day they went back and daughter A got him to come to her and brought him home. He looked pretty rough. He had been living outside for a year now! He was really nervous but after a while he was ok. You could tell he was really happy to see daughter A! She stayed home from school for the whole winter break this time, which was 6 weeks. We were so worried that Apollo would leave again after she left, but he didn't! He has been here ever since. I guess he finally realized this was home! Or maybe he feels he is too old to walk all the way across town again! You can tell he has a harder time jumping then he did. I also think that he was looking for daughter A every time he went back to the old house. Maybe with new people living there he realized we would not be back and with daughter A here for so long over Christmas he realized this is where she lives. Whatever the reason we are just so glad that he is here to stay! He is the most loving cat we have. He loves to lay beside you and be scratched and petted. You can see daughter A in the above picture loving him right after she brought him back home at Christmas! Like I said, this cat definitely used his NINE LIVES!!!!

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