Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday afternoon

Daughter T and I have spent the afternoon watching lifetime movies and doing laundry. Hubby was at work and son K was at a party. I've also been talking to my best friend throughout the day as she is in her 2nd day of driving to Minnesota. It is a long way from Alabama to Minnesota! She said she will be so glad to get out of that truck for good! She should be there by now. I talked to her last about an hour and a half ago and she said they had about a hundred miles left to go!

Above are some baby booties I crocheted for a lady who works with the same company as I do. Some friends and family are having her a baby shower tomorrow to which I have been invited. I also bought her a pack of 5 onesies to go with the booties. In case some don't know what onesies are they are little teeshirts that come down long enough to snap between the legs. Nice and cool for summer and easy to handle. I sure hope she likes them. I loved them for my babies.
These are 2 out of 6 Jacobean applique' blocks I have made. I ironed them all today and my best friend thought I was nuts ironing blocks in this heat! It is a scorcher today! We have the AC going but it seems to do little good for this 48 year old menopausal woman! One day I need to get some more blocks done to add to these and make a quilt! I did all these using needle turn
applique'. I just love it!

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