Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crocheted Name

I have been crocheting names for people for some time now. I have just started on a name for a friend of mine to give as a gift. This picture shows the beginning of it. It usually doesn't take me very long to make a name.This is the name layed out. The name will be IVEY. I will post more photos as I progress on it. I should have already finished it, but I seem to want to spend more time reading peoples blogs or reading my Karen Kingsbury book then I do crocheting!
This is a little Japanese bag that I made. I have made several of these to sell and find they are the perfect size to put my crochet thread in so it is easy to carry with me wherever I go. I always take my handwork with me because I cannot stand to be sitting somewhere waiting on something and not have something there to do with my hands. You know, like the doctors office or waiting for kids at school and such.

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KiaraJane said...

I am exactly the same. I don't have my own transport at the moment so crocheting is a god send on the buses and trains! I'm looking to get a little more adventures though and was wondering if you have a pattern for crocheting names?